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Report: Walmart is looking to enter the game streaming business

Gamasutra - March 21, 2019 4872

Google stole the show at GDC earlier this week when it unveiled a new game streaming platform called Stadia, and fresh rumors suggest another big name might soon follow suit. ...

Opinion: Chez Stadia - Google's new cloud platform

Gamasutra - March 20, 2019 4822

The announcement for Google Stadia was absolutely perfect and flawless. It also told us exactly nothing about the relevant aspects for content creators or consumers. ...

Don't Miss: How Neopets has influenced a generation of game developers

Gamasutra - March 14, 2019 4491

Devs around the industry (including Nina Freeman, Kevin Snow, and Claire Hummel) reflect on how the venerable virtual pet website helped jumpstart their careers in game development. ...

The Guardian view on regulating porn: wrong step, right direction | Editorial

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - March 20, 2019 4092

Damaging both to the producers and the consumers, online pornography is finally being tackled

Successive governments have been under pressure to control children’s access to pornography and, after years of wrangling, something is to be done on 1 April, when regulations will come into effect that make age verification compulsory on commercial pornographic websites. No one under 18 will be able to access them legitimately.

Don't skip these cutting-edge sponsored talks at GDC 2019's Dev Days

Gamasutra - March 01, 2019 3778

Cutting-edge game tech companies are presenting some cool Dev Day sessions this year, and today organizers are excited to highlight offerings from Amazon, Facebook, Unity and Viveport! ...

Blog: Game Developers Conference 2019 - new and fun content!

Gamasutra - February 27, 2019 3659

With Game Developers Conference 2019 rapidly approaching, I thought it would be good to highlight some of the interesting new conference content we†™ve rolled out this year. ...