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Video: Improving game dev tool design through editor triage

Gamasutra - July 15, 2019 4974

In this 2017 GDC talk, tools designer Robin-Yann Storm discusses multiple approaches for tool and editor triage, intended for immediate application in a game development environment. ...

Epic awards $1.2 million to Blender Foundation through Epic MegaGrants program

Gamasutra - July 15, 2019 4973

Epic has given $1.2 million to the Blender Foundation through Epic MegaGrants, money that the Blender Foundation then plans to use to fund its own Professionalizing Blender Development initiative. ...

Get a job: Join Build A Rocket Boy Games as a Senior Animation Programmer

Gamasutra - July 15, 2019 4971

The Senior Animation Programmer is responsible for designing and implementing large scale animation systems with minimal guidance and providing technical support and mentoring to more junior members of staff. ...

Overwatch's new cheat detection will end matches when cheats are used

Gamasutra - July 15, 2019 4967

Blizzard has already been testing new changes to Overwatch†™s cheat detection system on the PTR that shuts down matches when the game detects cheating is taking place. ...

Blog: Crowdfunding and video games - A 2019 mid-year update

Gamasutra - July 15, 2019 4960

What is the state of Kickstarter for video games in the first half of 2019? ICO Partners' very own Thomas Bidaux has all the answers. ...

'Reality-focused' game dev Surrogate secures $2 million in funding

Gamasutra - July 15, 2019 4959

Finnish reality-focused game developer and video streaming company Surrogate has raised $2 million in funding. ...

Sponsored: Learn how to streamline database deployment for your next game

Gamasutra - July 15, 2019 4959

Download this in-depth report and learn how Redis Enterprise can power your next worldwide game launch. ...

Guest Post — Library Publishers Convene in Vancouver to Discuss Open Platforms and Open Educational Resources

The Scholarly Kitchen - July 15, 2019 4948

Heather Staines shares highlights of this year's Library Publishing Coalition Forum, especially the focus on open platforms and tools.

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Slides: Creative Digital and Social Advertising for Politics and Advocacy

e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics - July 13, 2019 4859


The Future Of IoT: Welcome To The Brave New World

ELearningGraphics - July 15, 2019 4853

The Future Of IoT: Welcome To The Brave New World—Infographic Internet of Things (IoT): home appliances, vehicles, portable devices and other gadgets that are connected to the internet and exchange data with each other. 26.66 billion: the number of IoT connected devices around the globe There are 3 IoT devices for every human on Earth. […]

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Gears 5 to drop depictions of smoking after urging from Truth Initiative

Gamasutra - July 12, 2019 4804

The anti-smoking organization Truth Initiative has successfully lobbied Turner's ELeague, Microsoft, and The Coalition to make the Gears franchise tobacco-free going forward. ...

Controversial freelance firm Fiverr opens game services store

Gamasutra - July 12, 2019 4802

The freelancing services company that's drawn heat for its advertising and cheap services has announced a dedicated push into the game development space. ...

Don't Miss: Devs Answer: What are the biggest lessons from Fire Emblem?

Gamasutra - July 12, 2019 4800

Developers weigh in on the core strengths of Fire Emblem, from story to the value of permadeath. ...

Blog: Charting the record $9.6B games investment over the past 18 months

Gamasutra - July 12, 2019 4799

Digi-Capital†™s new Games Investment Report Q3 2019 shows a record $9.6 billion games investment in the last 18 months. Yet at the same time games company M& As and IPOs dropped to 2010 levels. ...

Six Tips: Digital Avertising For Advocacy & Politics

e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics - July 12, 2019 4796

Digital advertising for advocacy & politics

Top Ten 2020 Presidential Campaign Facebook Posts (5/31 to 6/7/2019)

e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics - July 12, 2019 4795

Path to the White House leads through Facebook

Smartphone maker Rokit launches $50 million game development fund

Gamasutra - July 12, 2019 4793

Smartphone maker Rokit has launched a $50 million game development fund to support indies and startups. ...

Under fire from game devs, G2A proposes new 'Key Blocker' tool

Gamasutra - July 12, 2019 4792

Under fire key reseller G2A has proposed a new 'Key Blocker' tool to give devs more control over how their titles are resold. ...