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The standalone YouTube Gaming app is essentially being absorbed into YouTube

Gamasutra - September 18, 2018 4813

YouTube has opted to roll features from the standalone app into its main video platform, something it hopes addresses discoverability issues that showed up in the original YouTube Gaming attempt. ...

Despite millions of downloads, publishers won't sign the sequel to Velocity 2X

Gamasutra - August 20, 2018 3218

FuturLab, the studio behind 2D shoot-em-up game Velocity 2X, details the struggle of trying to find a publisher to sign a sequel despite millions of players having enjoyed the first game. ...

Get a job: Warframe dev Digital Extremes is looking for a PR Manager

Gamasutra - August 16, 2018 2998

Digital Extremes is looking for a PR Manager to plan, produce and execute strategic PR initiatives with the purpose of broadening the awareness of Warframe, its community, and more. ...