On Being a Maker Mom

MAKE - May 12, 2019 4243

Dive Underwater With This Toy Star Destroyer Submarine Hack

MAKE - May 10, 2019 4157

Blog: Complying with China's new loot box rules

Gamasutra - May 08, 2019 4028

New Chinese regulations put restrictions on how loot boxes can be monetized, meaning the more you earn through loot box sales, the more you'll be affected. Here's how to cope with those changes. ...

The Sights and Sounds of Maker Faire Tokyo

MAKE - March 29, 2019 1821

Video: Understanding player autonomy in game design

Gamasutra - March 26, 2019 1680

In this 2017 GDC session, Immersyve's Scott Rigby explains why it's valuable for developers to have a nuanced understanding of player autonomy.  ...

Video: Visual effects and the rise of realtime rendering

Gamasutra - March 25, 2019 1626

In this 2017 GDC talk, visual effects (VFX) veterans Keith Guerrette and Drew Skillman discuss why it's important to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the VFX community. ...

Developing indie JRPG Edge of Eternity in Early Access

Gamasutra - March 11, 2019 836

'Open-world JRPG,' 'Indie,' and 'Early Access.' Marrying those three terms might sounds impossible but by using the magic of [Public Roadmap], our daunting assignment seems more accessible. ...

Come to GDC 2019's Game Producer Bootcamp and level up your game dev process!

Gamasutra - March 06, 2019 572

Facebook's Ruth Tomandl will give you a thorough look at game production processes as part of the GDC 2019 Game Producer Bootcamp, a full day of talks focused on the art & science of game production! ...

Anthem is crashing entire PlayStation 4 systems, say players

Gamasutra - March 04, 2019 466

It's a fairly severe issue in a high-profile game like BioWare's latest, and one that unfortunately comes during an already turbulent launch period. ...

Maker Faire | Maker Faire Bay Area

Spigot Community via @LearningLurker - May 19, 2019 253

We detected that you have javascript disabled. The site requires javascript to be enabled for the best user experience. More Maker Faire Bay Area 2019 May 17-19 Join Us Friday, Saturday & Sunday San Mateo County Event Center Three Days of Creativity, Innovation, and Celebration Maker Faire Bay Area will take over the San Mateo County Event Center Friday, May 17—Sunday, May 19 Friday 1pm—5pm ● Saturday 10am—7pm ● Sunday 10am—6pm BUY TICKETS Join Us This Weekend! PROGRAM GUIDE + MAP EXHIBITS + MAKERS SCHEDULE: STAGES The Future We Make: Explore The 2019 Highlights New Tech Hands-On Workshops Art + Spectacle Make: Space Climate Protection Cosplay Contest Our Featured Presenters: Makers on the Frontiers of Thinking and Doing Check out hundreds of hands-on and interactive exhibits ● Explore 8 stages brimming with presentations, performances and how-tos across science, art, craft and engineering ● See Adam Savage’s inspiring “Sunday Sermon” ● Try your hand at circuitry, lace making, and light saber training ● Get up close to the newest Maker tech tools & platforms ● Hone your drone operator chops with the Museum of Future Sports ● Explore mobile architecture in the Tiny Home Zone ● Witness physical feats of flex and power on the Dance Battle stage ● Shop for handmade and hard-to-find crafts at the SFBazaar ● Big art! Droids! Robots! Racecars! Drones! Fire! ● Glimpse the future and get inspired at Maker Faire! The Nitty Gritty: Details on #MFBA19 Meet the 2019 Makers Anderson's Famous Water Computer Perkunas 雷神藝術工作室 Fantasy Metal Creatures Community Submersibles Project Museum of Future Sports - Drones, VR, and RC Cars The Cadillac Rocket Car MK3, The Captured robot Squid and Charlie the turbine robot.