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VRDC Fall is happening this September, and the call for talks is open!

Gamasutra - March 23, 2017 4647

The call for submissions to present at VRDC Fall 2017, happening in San Francisco September 21st & 22nd, will remain open through Friday, April 21 at 11:59 PT. That's roughly a month away! ...

Don't Miss: How indie devs can harness the power of social sharing

Gamasutra - March 09, 2017 3892

"The best social shares are those that players genuinely WANT to share." Tara Brannigan breaks down exactly what makes a moment shareable by looking to games that nailed the formula. ...

Adding VR to Resident Evil 7 was 'like working on two games at once'

Gamasutra - March 03, 2017 3535

"VR compability was implemented well after we had started development," says lead VR engineer Kazuhiro Takahara. "'It feels like working on two games' was a common sentiment among the development staff." ...

The FiftyNifty challenge

Media Lab - February 15, 2017 2670

Calling your senator or representative is intimidating. With it is as easy as making a dinner reservation.