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Sony licenses PSVR design to Lenovo following eerily similar VR headsets

Gamasutra - October 31, 2018 4290

Sony†™s PlayStation VR and Lenovo†™s Mirage Solo are two very different VR headsets on a technical level, but visually the two shared an unmistakable resemblance to one another. ...

Don't miss out on all the fantastic VR/AR/MR talks at XRDC next week!

Gamasutra - October 24, 2018 3900

XRDC kicks off next Monday in San Francisco, so organizers would like to quickly highlight a sample of the show's many exciting talks and encourage you to use the free XRDC 2018 Session Scheduler! ...

Can VR technology improve science education?

Bold Blog - October 22, 2018 3779


Facebook sponsors cutting-edge XRDC talks on VR art and AR design

Gamasutra - October 18, 2018 3573

From designing effects in Facebook's Spark AR platform to rendering work created with the VR art tool Quill on Oculus' standalone Quest headset, these are XRDC talks you won't want to miss! ...

VR Pop: Gen Z Tunes into Augmented Reality

Barking Robot - October 17, 2018 3525

Here's my latest piece for Virtual Reality Pop magazine! From Disney Studios + Pixar VR entertainment experiences to Google Cardboard and Oculus VR in school, Gen Z's reality now comes in virtual and augmented. Given that all the big tech...

Get a job: Join the Digital Extremes team as a PR Manager

Gamasutra - October 17, 2018 3521

The studio is looking for someone to plan, produce and execute world-class strategic PR initiatives with the purpose of broadening the awareness of Warframe, its community, and the company†™s other products. ...

See new and innovative ways of using AR/VR for good at XRDC!

Gamasutra - October 04, 2018 2802

At XRDC in San Francisco later this month you'll get the inside track on two exciting and innovative new projects that use AR/VR tech to combat Alzheimer's and underage smoking. ...

XRDC speaker Q& A: Sarah Hill on the power of well-being XR tech

Gamasutra - October 01, 2018 2638

XRDC panelist Sarah Hill breaks down the potential of well-being tech in XR in advance of her panel at XRDC 2018. ...

Come out to XRDC and see how AR/VR is revolutionizing healthcare!

Gamasutra - October 01, 2018 2637

Top talent from across the fields of AR/VR/MR will be at XRDC in San Francisco next month, where you'll have a chance to hear firsthand how AR/VR/MR devs are shaping the future of healthcare! ...

Tencent restructures with an eye on corporate clients as games business stutters

Gamasutra - October 01, 2018 2631

The company, which owns League of Legends maker Riot Games and Clash of Clans creator Supercell, has endured a tough time of late due to tightening game regulations in China.  ...

Get a job: Plastic Wax is hiring a Lead UE/VR Developer

Gamasutra - September 28, 2018 2479

Plastic Wax is after a veteran VR/UE Blueprint/C++ Developer to Lead its Unreal Department onsite in its waterfront studio in Rhodes, Sydney. ...

Immerse yourself in the future of AR/VR training & education at XRDC!

Gamasutra - September 26, 2018 2359

Top talent from across the fields of AR/VR/MR will be at XRDC in San Francisco next month, where you'll have a chance to study the cutting edge of how this tech is being used to help people learn! ...

XRDC speaker Q& A: Charles Yust on the potential of interactive AR exhibits

Gamasutra - September 24, 2018 2250

Charles Yust, principal design technologist at frog, gives a preview of his upcoming XRDC talk about the power of interactive AR exhibits in museums. ...

XRDC speaker Q& A: Kyle Vaidyanathan on designing interactions in VR

Gamasutra - September 19, 2018 1978

XRDC panelist Kyle Vaidyanathan shares some thoughts on the future of VR in advance of next month's show. ...

XRDC speaker Q& A: Chris O'Connor and using VR in the auto biz

Gamasutra - September 14, 2018 1704

Zerolight's Chris O'Connor explains how the automotive industry is taking advantage of virtual reality technology in this Q& A for his upcoming XRDC talk. ...