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HTC to launch standalone Vive Focus headset outside of China

Gamasutra - March 21, 2018 4882

The headset had previously only been made available in China, but HTC now wants to put it in the hands of developers and consumers around the world. ...

Bids to bring fiber internet to schools are denied funding seven times more often than other projects

Hechinger Report - March 20, 2018 4841

Editor’s note: This story led off this week’s Future of Learning newsletter, which is delivered free to subscribers’ inboxes every Tuesday with trends and top stories about education innovation. Subscribe today! When students at Woodman School, on the western edge of Montana, are working on research projects in class, they don’t have the option to […]

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Don't overlook these helpful discoverability talks at GDC 2018!

Gamasutra - March 08, 2018 4174

Getting your game in front of the right people is tricky business, but at GDC 2018 there are a few great talks at the show that will help you do just that! ...

Software error causes mass Oculus Rift outage

Gamasutra - March 07, 2018 4129

An expired security certificate has seemingly knocked the world's Oculus Rift VR headsets out of commission all at once. ...

Magic Leap raises $461 million in funding from Saudi Arabian investment arm

Gamasutra - March 07, 2018 4129

Mixed reality startup Magic Leap announced today that it has raised an additional $461 million in funding, provided by The Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia's investment arm.  ...

Augmented and mixed reality revenue to surpass VR by 2021

Gamasutra - February 26, 2018 3611

The analytics outfit believes the AR/MR market will be worth $20.3 billion in terms of consumer revenue by 2021, while VR will be worth roughly $19 billion.  ...

EVE Online to permanently ban repeat offenders using bots

Gamasutra - February 16, 2018 3070

In a blog posted today, EVE Online developers announce that players who create automated bots will be banned for three days and removed from the game permanently if they are repeat offenders.  ...

Blog: The art of music in virtual reality

Gamasutra - February 15, 2018 3027

Video game composer Winifred Phillips presents some of the extra research and scholarship she gathered for her GDC 2018 talk, 'Music in Virtual Reality.' ...

Come to GDC 2018 for an inside look at ILMxLAB's location-based VR!

Gamasutra - February 07, 2018 2578

At GDC 2018, experts from ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm will show you how they designed and built custom high-end multi-GPU systems to render Star Wars movie-quality experiences in location-based VR! ...

Shadowhand developer explains the cons of a long dev cycle

Gamasutra - January 26, 2018 1914

In a blog posted to his website today, Shadowhand developer Jake Birkett discusses the potential pitfalls of a long development cycle. ...

New Oculus Start program aims to provide support for new VR devs

Gamasutra - January 18, 2018 1465

Oculus announced today the launch of Oculus Start, a developer program aimed at providing funding, access to hardware/software, and support to help jumpstart qualifying devs who are new to VR. ...

Virtual reality studio XR Games secures $2.6M investment

Gamasutra - January 09, 2018 968

The Leeds-based studio was founded last year, and intends to create mobile and arcade virtual reality titles based on established properties.  ...

Blog: Breaking down 2017's $3B AR and VR investment

Gamasutra - January 09, 2018 968

AR and VR saw a record-breaking $3 billion in investment during 2017. Here, Digi-Capital CEO and Founder Tim Merel breaks down how that cash was spilt between 28 VR/AR categories. ...