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Ubisoft VP: 'We're trying to figure out what is fun' about VR

Gamasutra - June 12, 2017 4450

"From a financial standpoint right now, VR is research for us," says Ubisoft's Chris Early. "We're making real games, making real money, but... we all need the industry to grow." ...

SteamVR Tracking upgrade to include support for more than two base stations

Gamasutra - June 06, 2017 4106

Valve has outlined some upgrades that are coming to SteamVR's tracking sensors, including a prediction that the system will soon be able to support more than two base stations. ...

Apple ups VR developer support with Metal 2, Steam VR SDK, and more

Gamasutra - June 05, 2017 4054

Apple shared a number of VR-minded announcements at its WWDC keynote earlier today, ranging from a new version of its 'Metal' API to Unreal and Unity VR support for Mac. ...

Devs can now access an SDK for ManoMotion's hand-tracking tech

Gamasutra - June 01, 2017 3866

Tech startup ManoMotion is now accepting applications from devs who want to check out the SDK for its hand-tracking tech, which is explicitly aimed at augmented- and virtual-reality game developers. ...

Come to VRDC Fall 2017 for expert tips on designing and demoing VR experiences

Gamasutra - May 31, 2017 3772

Organizers of the Virtual Reality Developers Conference are excited to highlight 2 more great sessions for VRDC Fall 2017 that offer expert tips on VR audio design and respectful, effective VR demos. ...

Virtual reality startup Playsnak nets $2.5M

Gamasutra - May 30, 2017 3730

Berlin-based virtual reality startup Playsnak has netted $2.5 million through an initial seed funding round ...

Learn about the design challenges of developing VR experiences at VRDC Fall 2017

Gamasutra - May 24, 2017 3380

Organizers of the Virtual Reality Developers Conference are excited to highlight two intriguing sessions for VRDC Fall 2017 from veteran game dev Noah Falstein and two Raw Data devs. ...

Tomorrow is your last day to get a VRDC Fall 2017 pass at the cheapest price!

Gamasutra - May 23, 2017 3308

VR enthusiasts, take note: the deadline to register early for VRDC Fall 2017 at the lowest possible price ends tomorrow, May 24th at 11:59 PM Pacific!  ...

Virtual Reality in Education in 2017 Infographic

ELearningGraphics - June 06, 2017 2295

Virtual Reality in Education in 2017 Infographic Virtual Reality is starting to transform the classroom in 2017. A lesson about Mars can become a virtual trip to the red planet. Rather than having students read the Gettysburg Address, they can stand in the crowd to hear ol’ Abe give his speech. The fully immersive experience of VR […]

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Blog: Reinventing cinematic storytelling for virtual reality - Part 1

Gamasutra - May 03, 2017 2212

For our VR ghost story Séance: The Unquiet, our team set out to reinvent cinematic storytelling for virtual reality. In this first installment, we discuss the use of composition in VR scenes. ...

VRDC Fall 2017 debuts its first talks, from Playful Corp and Facebook!

Gamasutra - April 26, 2017 1823

Organizers are excited to debut the first announced talks for VRDC Fall 2017: one from Facebook lead (and veteran game dev) Mike Booth, the other from Playful Corp (Lucky's Tale) chief Paul Bettner! ...