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XRDC speaker Q& A: Kyle Vaidyanathan on designing interactions in VR

Gamasutra - September 19, 2018 4864

XRDC panelist Kyle Vaidyanathan shares some thoughts on the future of VR in advance of next month's show. ...

XRDC speaker Q& A: Chris O'Connor and using VR in the auto biz

Gamasutra - September 14, 2018 4589

Zerolight's Chris O'Connor explains how the automotive industry is taking advantage of virtual reality technology in this Q& A for his upcoming XRDC talk. ...

Sharpen your VR demo-giving skills and get expert advice at XRDC!

Gamasutra - August 30, 2018 3762

At XRDC in October SVVR's Jon Oakes intends to show you exactly what a good VR demo can do for building your community of fans, what makes a killer demo experience, and what to avoid at all costs! ...

XRDC speaker Q& A: Douglas North Cook explores the boundaries of VR

Gamasutra - August 29, 2018 3705

Doug North Cook will be joining a panel of design experts at XRDC 2018 to discuss more about his work. ...

XRDC Speaker Q& A: Noah Falstein explores the world of FDA-approved games

Gamasutra - August 22, 2018 3319

Veteran game designer Noah Falstein is speaking about his experiences making games and experiences for the healthcare field at XRDC 2018. ...

Blog: How we made a stealth-em-up arena brawler

Gamasutra - August 17, 2018 3042

We recently released Black & White Bushido on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so we thought it was time to take a look at what we've learned on our journey so far. ...

Get a job: Warframe dev Digital Extremes is looking for a PR Manager

Gamasutra - August 16, 2018 2998

Digital Extremes is looking for a PR Manager to plan, produce and execute strategic PR initiatives with the purpose of broadening the awareness of Warframe, its community, and more. ...

Blog: The Dream IS the Product

Gamasutra - August 13, 2018 2837

One futurist attempts to analyze the expensive investments pouring into companies like Magic Leap. ...

How youth address mental health issues: Groundbreaking study

Net Family News - August 03, 2018 2278

Young people are both smart and thoughtful about using digital media and devices – for mental health and other purposes – a groundbreaking new study shows, and they are far from naïve about what doesn’t work for them in social media. The study, by researchers Victoria Rideout and Susannah Fox, had both quantitative and qualitative […]

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Blog: Composing video game music for virtual reality - Part 4

Gamasutra - July 25, 2018 1782

In the fourth part of her blog series, video game composer Winifred Phillips shares ideas from her GDC 2018 talk 'Music in Virtual Reality' and discusses the idea of comfort versus performance. ...

Good Data, Bad Data, You Know I’ve Had My Share: Library Book Acquisition Patterns

The Scholarly Kitchen - July 23, 2018 1655

We have had assumptions about the academic book market that probably are just not true.

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At XRDC, see how the Brass Tactics devs reinvented the RTS for VR!

Gamasutra - July 19, 2018 1452

At XRDC in October, Hidden Path Entertainment' Patrick Lipo will give you a rare look at the design process behind several of the interactions which are core to the immersive virtual reality RTS. ...