Video: The art direction of Heavy Rain

Gamasutra - March 07, 2019 4116

In this classic GDC 2011 talk, Quantic Dream's Christophe Brusseaux dives into the art direction of the serial killer murder mystery Heavy Rain. ...

Welcome Roxi Wen, our incoming Chief Financial Officer

The Mozilla Blog - January 22, 2019 1660

I am excited to announce that Roxi Wen is joining Mozilla Corporation as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) next month. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, the … Read more

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Blog: The elegance of first-time user experience in The Lab

Gamasutra - January 18, 2019 1458

A deep-dive into the first few minutes of Valve's virtual reality playground The Lab, examining how it onboards players into room-scale VR invisibly, painlessly, and even joyfully. ...

Thoughts on Detroit: Become Human

Gamasutra - January 16, 2019 1332

Thomas Grip takes a look at the design behind Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human. ...