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Quick and easy ideas to spice up your lessons, brought to you by @russeltarr. I teach History but many of these ideas will be transferable to other subjects too! Buy the book! Subscribe to Blog via Email Email Address CategoriesCategories Select Category Classroom debate / discussion strategies  (18) Classroom display ideas  (20) Classroom management, homework, rewards and sanctions  (11) Comparing, Contrasting  (12) Developing examination / essay skills  (27)    Close reading, note-taking  (7)    Essay marking  (3)    Essay planning  (10)    Source evaluation  (10) Gamification of testing and revision  (28)    Online game generators  (9)    Other games and strategies  (18) Group Work, student presentations, peer assessment  (31)    Group work strategies  (15)    Student feedback strategies  (10)    Student presentations  (4) Helping students to conduct independent research  (11) Imparting knowledge to students  (39)    Strategies for improving teacher-led lectures  (14)    Teaching students a chronological narrative  (8)    Teaching students about themes, personalities, issues of interpretation  (13) Linking, Prioritising  (11)    Linking  (5)    Prioritisation diagrams  (6) Selecting, Concluding  (12)    Formulating final judgements  (11)    Selecting the final factors to focus on  (1) Transforming knowledge into creative outcomes  (45)    Exhibitions, Books, Posters  (14)    Summarising in essence  (17)    WHEN? = particular strategies for tranforming chronologies  (3)    WHO? = particular trategies for reflecting on key individuals  (12) Uncategorised  (2) vol2  (2) Find me on: Random Posts 13th May 2017 , Overview In subjects like History it is important for students to have firm chronological understanding.

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If you play games, odds are you've slogged through countless boring tutorials. But what if I told you there was a better way to teach your players than to front-load them with too much info? ...

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How natural mentoring improves academic engagement

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Hurd, N.M. & Sellers, R.M. (2013). Black adolescents’ relationships with natural mentors: Associations with academic engagement via social and emotional development.