Don't Miss: 7 games with great learning curves that all devs should study

Gamasutra - March 29, 2017 4982

Which games offer a masterclass in how to design a well-shaped learning curve? Corey Davis of Psyonix, Chris Bourassa of Red Hook, and Global Game Jame co-founder Ian Schreiber weigh in. ...

eLearning Trends 2017 Infographic

ELearningGraphics - March 29, 2017 4921

eLearning Trends 2017 Infographic In recent times, we have witnessed an amazing variety of innovative learning solutions that effectively addresses the evolving learner needs, advancement in technology, and the overall urge to make learning more impactful. What learning solutions do you think will dominate the eLearning space this year? Which trends will successfully catch learners’ […]

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“How’s your program doing?”: A new questionnaire assesses mentors’ perceptions of program support

The Chronicle of Evidence-Based Mentoring - March 28, 2017 4919

by Jean Rhodes Mentors sometimes struggle to connect with their mentees and programs play a vital role in supporting the match. In a recent study, we found that, when mentors feel a lack of support, they are more likely to terminate the relationships early (Burton, Rapsoa, and & Rhodes, 2017). Yet mentoring programs often struggle […]

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A Little Help With Your Homework | Edutopia

Spigot Community via @LearningLurker - March 27, 2017 4863

George Lucas Educational Foundation Search form Search Differentiated Instruction A Little Help With Your Homework How to guide your students to self-differentiate their homework—without creating more work for yourself. By March 22, 2017 © Gable Denims/500px If you’re assigning the same homework to all of your students, you may not be helping them reach their full potential. Consider this scenario: Marly and Evan are in the same math class, but they’re having very different experiences with homework.