Game studio funding: The right investor at the right stage

Gamasutra - March 13, 2019 4419

As a follow-up to project specific financing options, we turn to the wonderful world of company-based equity funding, where investors are betting on your ability to grow the value of your studio long-term. ...

Crowdfunding platform BrightLocker shuts down

Gamasutra - March 06, 2019 4063

BrightLocker, a crowdfunding platform similar to Patreon and Kickstarter, is closing down amid claims that some developers hadn't been paid money owed. ...

Make the most of your crowdfunding success!

Gamasutra - February 27, 2019 3663

How do you seamlessly transition from your successful crowdfunding campaign to your own platform? Xsolla Store is the solution. ...

Blog: Games and crowdfunding in 2018

Gamasutra - January 17, 2019 1406

This is Thomas Bidaux's annual post on crowdfunding and games, looking at how well games have performed on Kickstarter (and Fig) for the past year. ...