Don't Miss: Between a rock and a 'Harada' place: The massive Tekken interview

Gamasutra - March 01, 2019 3780

Bandai Namco game director Katsuhiro Harada discusses how Tekken is always arcade first, how the series made preparations for input lag, and how to please competitive and casual players simultaneously. ...

Video: Applying artistic principles to VFX design for games

Gamasutra - February 22, 2019 3400

In this GDC 2017 talk, Blizzard's Hadidjah Chamberlin & Riot's Jason Keyser share artistic fundamentals for crafting visual effects that will help you -- no matter what kind of game you're working on! ...

Blog: A student game postmortem (or how not to make a game)

Gamasutra - February 22, 2019 3385

I'v recently ended my studies with one last student game experience: Illtide. The production was a nightmare. So instead of keeping this story for myself, let me tell you how not to make a game. ...

Wave of layoffs expected at Guild Wars 2 dev ArenaNet

Gamasutra - February 21, 2019 3346

Update More game industry workers will soon lose their jobs, as ArenaNet confirms Kotaku's report that employees of Guild Wars 2 dev ArenaNet were warned today to expect big layoffs. ...

Get an inside look at the art of Oxenfree follow-up Afterparty at GDC 2019

Gamasutra - February 21, 2019 3338

Night School's art director is coming to GDC 2019 next month to show you how the indie team is building out its production pipeline and creating a new visual style for its upcoming Afterparty! ...

Build, Hack, and Deploy Detectors to Measure Solar UV Radiation

MAKE - February 14, 2019 2941

Blog: How does the future of the streamer-developer relationship look?

Gamasutra - February 13, 2019 2905

There isn't necessarily a clear answer on how game devs can best work with streamers to promote their games. In this post, Clever Endeavour†™s Richard Atlas breaks down and explores that evolving relationship. ...

King's San Francisco studio closed in wake of Activision Blizzard layoffs

Gamasutra - February 13, 2019 2902

The large scale layoffs made by Activision-Blizzard yesterday have caused the closure of King†™s San Fransisco office. ...

Konami ends sale of in-game currency for PES 2019 in Belgium

Gamasutra - February 12, 2019 2841

The decision aims to make Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 compliant with the Belgian Gaming Commission†™s laws against loot boxes. ...

Marvel Strike Force dev FoxNext Games opens up indie dev fund

Gamasutra - February 07, 2019 2566

The fund aims to fuel indie devs focused on innovation, experimentation, and "a certain amount of creative risk." ...

Pennsylvania legislators want to slap a tax on mature games

Gamasutra - February 06, 2019 2503

Legislators from the State of Pennsylvania have re-introduced a bill that would impose a 10 percent tax on adult and mature video games sold at retail, and the ESA isn't happy. ...

Packaged sales continue to rise at Sega, but profits are in decline

Gamasutra - February 05, 2019 2450

Sega claims new titles like Football Manager 2019 and Judgment delivered the goods at retail, with existing franchises also chipping in with catalog sales. ...

Video: Wrangling development teams at Bungie for Destiny 2

Gamasutra - February 04, 2019 2413

Bungie's Linda Fane shares how the studio tackled the monumental challenge of building Destiny 2 at scale, and how dedicated "planning days" saved the game's development. ...

Konami enjoys a profitable 9 months thanks to strong sports game sales

Gamasutra - January 31, 2019 2195

Today Konami published its financial report card for the final nine months of last year, and it looks like both revenues and profits rose thanks to strong performance from the company's sports games. ...

Learn to design immersive worlds the Disney Imagineering way at GDC 2019

Gamasutra - January 29, 2019 2070

As part of the GDC 2019 Vision Track, Walt Disney Imagineering leaders will discuss the challenges of building interactive worlds and explore the overlap between designing theme parks and video games ...

Resident Evil 2's time-restricted demo has been downloaded over 3 million times

Gamasutra - January 22, 2019 1691

Capcom says the demo for its upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2 was downloaded over 3 million times since it went live on January 11. ...

Welcome Roxi Wen, our incoming Chief Financial Officer

The Mozilla Blog - January 22, 2019 1662

I am excited to announce that Roxi Wen is joining Mozilla Corporation as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO) next month. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, the … Read more

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NCSoft makes layoffs at mobile developer Iron Tiger Studios

Gamasutra - January 21, 2019 1621

NCSoft established Iron Tiger back in 2015, and tasked the Califonia-based studio with developing original mobile games inspired by its existing franchises.  ...

Weekly Jobs Roundup: Wargaming, Digital Extremes, and more are hiring now!

Gamasutra - January 18, 2019 1472

Here are just some of the many, many positions being advertised right now on the Gamasutra Job Board. ...

LEGO in the Lab

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 18, 2019 1448

Lego is increasingly being used in teaching and research. Here are some fun examples of how and why it can be useful.

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A closer look at the deck-building hack-and-slash success, Book of Demons

Gamasutra - January 18, 2019 1445

Book of Demons is an unlikely marriage of hack-and-slash and deck-building mechanics. Polish studio Thing Trunk was able to not just make it work, but make it an indie Steam success. ...

Ubisoft issues apology for controversial Assassin's Creed Odyssey DLC

Gamasutra - January 17, 2019 1421

Assassin's Creed Odyssey creative director Jonathan Dumont has issued an apology following a controversial DLC release.  ...

Bethesda bans Fallout 76 players who accessed secret developer room

Gamasutra - January 17, 2019 1416

Bethesda has confirmed that it is issuing temporary bans to players who have accessed a secret "developer room" full of unreleased items for Fallout 76.  ...

Get a job: Velan Studios is looking for an experienced Producer

Gamasutra - January 16, 2019 1362

The Producer will work closely with the project†™s key leaders and other production team members to successfully execute on a new, ground-breaking, original IP. ...