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Watch The Mesmerizing LED Undulations of the Quantum Garden

MAKE - November 21, 2018 3915

Live Now: Make’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

MAKE - November 21, 2018 3913

Q& A: Designing the procedurally-generated space sim Nimbatus

Gamasutra - November 19, 2018 3810

Gamasutra spoke with the Nimbatus devs to learn how they created parts that players could combine to make unique drones for specific tasks, and how they went about creating an inspiring universe. ...

Learn new ways of thinking about immersive experience design at XRDC!

Gamasutra - October 11, 2018 1668

At XRDC in San Francisco this month you can see a panel of AR/VR experts digging into how their design process works, how they work with users during testing, and how they iterate on prototypes! ...