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Learn new ways of thinking about immersive experience design at XRDC!

Gamasutra - October 11, 2018 4480

At XRDC in San Francisco this month you can see a panel of AR/VR experts digging into how their design process works, how they work with users during testing, and how they iterate on prototypes! ...

XRDC speaker Q& A: Charles Yust on the potential of interactive AR exhibits

Gamasutra - September 24, 2018 3542

Charles Yust, principal design technologist at frog, gives a preview of his upcoming XRDC talk about the power of interactive AR exhibits in museums. ...

The seduction of the digital

George Veletsianos - September 05, 2018 2527

Josh Kim wrote a very kind post today over at Inside Higher Ed, highlighting what he sees as three indictments of the role of technology in higher education. There’s good food for thought there, and I’d like to focus on Josh’s third indictment which states that digital technologies distract.

The crux of the matter (for me) is here: “Nor are students the only people on campuses likely to use technologies in a way that inhibits, rather than promotes, learning.