5 Examples Of Game Based Learning For Corporate Training

ELearningGraphics - October 17, 2018 4366

5 Examples Of Game Based Learning For Corporate Training eLearning can be made more effective with the elements of Gamification wherein gaming elements are added into an eLearning course to craft a highly effective and engaging learning experience. Rewards and recognitions have always motivated employees since inception, and honestly, that is their driving force. Gamification […]

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AI is coming for your instructional and learning design jobs, apparently

George Veletsianos - September 22, 2018 3601

For the most part, the early morning is my favorite time of the day. I like having a cup of coffee or tea, running, reading, writing, and just pretty much doing anything at 6am, than at 10am. This is not a productivity tip. You do what works for you.

What would have worked better for my productivity this morning was to have waited until later in the day to read Donald Clark’s predictions of AI radically transforming instructional design* jobs and replacing instructional designers (“

One Thing Missing in Most E-learning Courses

Rapid eLearning - September 25, 2018 3577

Between the workshops I run, blog emails received, and helping in the community, I get to see hundreds of e-learning courses. A common issue for many courses is transitioning from sharing content to helping people use the content to make the appropriate decisions. Many course developers focus on making the content interactive, which is good. […]