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eLearning Trends 2017 Infographic

ELearningGraphics - March 29, 2017 4921

eLearning Trends 2017 Infographic In recent times, we have witnessed an amazing variety of innovative learning solutions that effectively addresses the evolving learner needs, advancement in technology, and the overall urge to make learning more impactful. What learning solutions do you think will dominate the eLearning space this year? Which trends will successfully catch learners’ […]

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MOOC’s as an Alternative/Augmentation to Higher Education

Daniel Grigoletti - March 26, 2017 4821

The MOOC, which means “Massively Open Online Course,” is a method of delivering content to students on an open platform, providing learning opportunities virtually free to anyone who enrolls throughout the world.  MOOC’s enable students to self-direct their learning.   Higher education professionals may use MOOC’s to teach as a augmentation to existing content provided in … Continue reading MOOC’s as an Alternative/Augmentation to Higher Education

8 Myths about Online Education Debunked Infographic - e-Learning Infographics

Spigot Community via @LearningLurker - March 29, 2017 4818

Search #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff;clear:left;font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif;} Don't miss another infographic! Email Address How often do you want to hear from us? Recent Posts © 2013 e-Learning Industry LLC |  | | | |  8 Myths about Online Education Debunked Infographic Posted on 8 Myths about Online Education Debunked Infographic There’s no disputing the fact that studying to earn a degree via the web is fast growing as an option to the conventional classroom format of education. 5.8 million USA students are enrolled in at least one online course.