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How the state uses “police morale” to divert from the violence inherent to policing

Black Youth Project - October 18, 2017 4762

By Benji Hart Recently, the Chicago Police Department released a video on its Facebook page entitled “You Are Not Alone!” intending to raise awareness about the high suicide rate among its officers—which the video cites as being nearly 60% higher than the national average. The video depicts a uniformed officer reaching slowly for their own […]

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Blog: VR music tips for the game composer

Gamasutra - October 18, 2017 4761

Strategies for implementing music in VR projects were offered during the Virtual Reality Developers Conference this year, so let's look at some of the best tips. ...

Video: How Bungie localized Destiny for the world

Gamasutra - October 18, 2017 4760

At GDC 2015, Bungie's Tom Slattery explains the studio's move to build an internal localization team for Destiny and details how it worked, as well as some of the challenges faced along the way. ...

Mixed-reality startup Magic Leap secures $502M in funding

Gamasutra - October 18, 2017 4713

Magic Leap has spent most of its time working behind closed doors, but that hasn't stopped investors from splashing the cash. ...

Video: Remastering Double Fine's Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango

Gamasutra - October 16, 2017 4665

At GDC 2016 Double Fine's Oliver Franzke and Shiny Shoe's Mark Cooke dive dig into the interesting improvements and challenges they encountered while remastering both for PS4, PS Vita, PC, and mobile. ...

Blizzard takes Chinese dev to court over alleged mobile Overwatch clone

Gamasutra - October 16, 2017 4619

Blizzard China and its regional partner Netease have filed a lawsuit against Heroes of Warfare developer 4399, alleging that the mobile title rips off Blizzard's own competitive shooter Overwatch.  ...

Blog: Breaking down Killer Instinct's 'Shadow AI' system

Gamasutra - October 16, 2017 4618

Season 2 of the 2013 reboot of Killer Instinct brought with it the Shadow AI system: a method of replicating human performance in-game to control AI opponents. We take a look at how it works. ...

Understanding the challenge facing Japan's game preservationists

Gamasutra - October 13, 2017 4481

"The way of thinking, the way of living, the way things last, the cycle of their lives here is very different. You build a house in Japan, thirty years after, you need to destroy it and make a new one." ...

Upgraded SteamVR Tracking will support 4 base stations in 2018

Gamasutra - October 13, 2017 4481

Valve intends to update the new base stations sometime next year so they can work together in groups of 4, covering a play space of up to 10 x 10 meters. ...

Oculus' 'Santa Cruz' wireless VR headset will have Touch-like motion controllers

Gamasutra - October 11, 2017 4384

Oculus has confirmed that the "Santa Cruz" wireless VR headset it's currently developing will support positionally-tracked gesture-sensing hand controllers, a la Oculus Touch. ...

Oculus releases Rift dev kit schematics under open-source license

Gamasutra - October 10, 2017 4336

Oculus is hosting its Oculus Connect dev conference this week, and to warm up the company today released the technical specs for its second Rift dev kit under an open-source license. ...

Virtual reality outfit Bigscreen raises $11M to expand social app

Gamasutra - October 11, 2017 4336

Virtual reality studio Bigscreen has secured $11 million in Series A financing to make new hires and accelerate the development of its social platform. ...