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Mixed Realities, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality in Scholarly Publishing: An Interview with Markus Kaindl and Martijn Roelandse

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 17, 2019 4947

Augmented reality is increasingly being used in scholarly publishing -- in expected and unexpected ways. Learn how Springer Nature has been experimenting with it in this interview with their Senior Manager of Semantic Data, Markus Kaindl, and Head of Innovation, Martijn Roelandse.

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YouTube cracks down on 'dangerous' internet challenge videos

Spigot Community via @LearningLurker - January 17, 2019 4878

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Blog: VR assets for the game music composer

Gamasutra - January 15, 2019 4850

Game composer Winifred Phillips presents an annual VR audio resource list for game audio pros, discussing tech and tools, methods and techniques, communities and organizations, and popular events. ...

Blog: A (very incomplete) review of Artifact cards

Gamasutra - January 15, 2019 4845

Dark Roast Entertainment co-founder James Margaris offers 20 pages of thoughts on Artifact cards that begin with the letter 'A'. ...

Why 2018 taught us more than any other year†Š (and how it can help you)

Gamasutra - January 15, 2019 4834

Benjamin Rivers, one of the developers behind the game Home, discusses lessons learned in 2018 and how those takeaways can help other studios.  ...

Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Plünge

Gamasutra - January 11, 2019 4637

Plünge will have players putting their toilet-plunging skills to work, playing through multiplayer minigames that require they plunge as fast and hard as possible with some real plungers. ...

GDC is the place to be if you want to sharpen your VR game dev skills!

Gamasutra - January 10, 2019 4581

If you want to level up your skills and make better, more successful virtual reality experiences, this year's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is where you want to be! ...

Viveport Infinity is an unlimited spin on HTC's Viveport subscription

Gamasutra - January 08, 2019 4473

HTC is looking to expand its existing Vive subscription service through a new flavor that, starting April 5, offers subscribers unlimited access to a library of virtual reality games. ...

Black Mirror's 'Bandersnatch' was loosely inspired by a cancelled game

Gamasutra - January 03, 2019 4203

Chris Cullon of Tired Old Hack wrote up the rise and fall behind Bandersnatch, beginning by introducing the Liverpool-based development studio behind the endeavor, Imagine Software. ...

According to Steam's hardware surveys, VR ownership doubled in 2018

Gamasutra - January 03, 2019 4196

Valve's monthly hardware surveys offer a gradual look at hardware trends, but 12 months of data suggest that VR ownership is on the rise. ...

Digital safety, wellbeing: 2018 highlights (Part 1)

Net Family News - December 27, 2018 3814

This may not be the Internet safety look-back on 2018 you’d expect, what with all the news about data breaches, “fake news,” “tech addiction,” algorithmic bias, election manipulation, hate speech, etc., etc. Not a pretty picture. But it’s also not the whole picture. By definition, the news reports airline crashes, not safe landings. But even […]

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Child advocates call for FTC investigation over inappropriate Google Play games

Gamasutra - December 20, 2018 3433

The complaint alleges that many of the apps in Google Play's Family section are advertised as safe for children despite the inappropriate advertising and content found within several games. ...