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God of War wins Game of the Year at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards

Gamasutra - March 20, 2019 4987

Game dev veterans Amy Hennig and Rieko Kodama were also honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award and Pioneer Award (respectively) during the Game Developers Choice Awards tonight at GDC 2019! ...

Return of the Obra Dinn takes Grand Prize at the 21st IGF Awards!

Gamasutra - March 20, 2019 4984

Announced tonight, the 2019 IGF Awards featured an eclectic and impressive group of winners, from Lucas Pope's Return of the Obra Dinn to Cassie McQuater's Black Room and Zachtronics' Opus Magnum! ...

Mapping out the subtle social cues throughout Hitman's level design

Gamasutra - March 19, 2019 4921

†œApart from mocking everything up one of the most important things that we do in a game like Hitman is making life, making drama situations as we call them. We borrow a little bit from the world of theater.† ...

Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield is no longer working on Valve's Artifact

Gamasutra - March 11, 2019 4790

The creator of the prolific card game Magic: The Gathering has revealed that his contract with Valve has ended and he's no longer working on the company's digital card game Artifact. ...

Video: An in-depth look at the animation of Agents of Mayhem

Gamasutra - March 14, 2019 4645

In this 2017 GDC talk, Volition's Michael Jungbluth goes in-depth on every aspect of the animation process for Agents of Mayem. ...

Video: Recreating a classic era in automotive history in Mafia III

Gamasutra - March 13, 2019 4590

In this 2017 GDC talk, Audio director of Hangar 13 Matt Bauer shares the detailed process the studio took to deliver authentic vehicle audio in Mafia III. ...

Devs share their own personal game design rules

Gamasutra - March 12, 2019 4531

Game developers share their personal "game dev" rules. ...

Video: Overcoming network latency in Mortal Kombat & Injustice 2

Gamasutra - March 11, 2019 4480

In this 2018 GDC talk, NetherReal Studios Michael Stallone describes the drastic engine changes and optimizations of Mortal Kombat XL and Injustice 2. ...

Shut Up & Sit Down returns to GDC 2019 with great board games to play!

Gamasutra - March 04, 2019 4087

From Richard Garfield's 'unique deck' card game KeyForge to Alderac's intriguing Space Base, here's what you can expect to play when you visit the Shut Up & Sit Down board game lounge at GDC 2019! ...

Video: The animation pipeline of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Gamasutra - March 01, 2019 3932

In this GDC 2018 talk, Ubisoft Milan's Marco Renso and Tommaso Sanguigni explain how Ubisoft improved their animation pipeline to overcome challenges for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. ...

At GDC 2019 you'll see how McLaren uses VR to fast-track supercar design

Gamasutra - March 01, 2019 3917

McLaren has fast-tracked the supercar design process by introducing a unique VR sketch tool into their studio, and next month they'll be at GDC to show you how they did it -- and what they learned! ...

The Most Impractical Electronics Hack Makes Your Remote Massive And Furry

MAKE - February 28, 2019 3855

Video: The science of off-roading Uncharted 4's 4x4

Gamasutra - February 27, 2019 3822

In this GDC 2017 session, Naughty Dog's Edward Pereira breaks down individual physical elements that went into Uncharted 4's 4x4. ...

Resident Evil 2 remake ships 4 million copies in first month

Gamasutra - February 27, 2019 3805

If the remake can maintain its momentum, it might soon eclipse the 4.96 million sales pulled in by the 1996 original -- which is currently the fourth best-selling entry in the franchise. ...

Automate Your Workshop Dust Collection With An Arduino

MAKE - February 25, 2019 3689

Blog: A student game postmortem (or how not to make a game)

Gamasutra - February 22, 2019 3530

I'v recently ended my studies with one last student game experience: Illtide. The production was a nightmare. So instead of keeping this story for myself, let me tell you how not to make a game. ...

Video: How Hitman guides players through non-linear level design

Gamasutra - February 20, 2019 3432

At GDC Europe 2016 Io Interactive's Mette Poedenphant Andersen and Jacob Mikkelsen take the stage to discuss how they design the levels and systems of Hitman to be intuitive and easy to navigate. ...