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Blog: Analyzing the systemic AI of Far Cry

Gamasutra - October 13, 2017 3049

Far Cry is a triple-A video game franchise built on the principles of systemic gameplay and behaviour. We take a look at how this is managed by AI systems in both Far Cry 3 and its sequel. ...

STUDENT VOICES: I never knew I’d get this far

Hechinger Report - October 03, 2017 2522

How did you hear about your school, Phoenix Academy Lawrence? We were going to [Lawrence High School], but my brother’s and my attendance wasn’t good, so they told us to come over here. Lawrence High is in South Lawrence, and I live in Tower Hill. That’s like a 45-minute walk. If I missed the school […]

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STUDENT VOICES: Pay teachers more

Hechinger Report - October 02, 2017 2473

How would you describe your school? The school opened in 2010. I came here in eighth grade. It serves sixth through 12th grade. We have about 500 kids now. The school’s so small, you kind of know everyone. It’s really diverse. We focus on gifted education. You can really kind of go in whatever path […]

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Between Sinew and Spirit: Are You a Body with a Mind or a Mind with a Body? – Brain Pickings

Spigot Community via @LearningLurker - November 14, 2017 2472

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"Tool Without a Handle: Metaphors of Gender"

Center for Internet & Society at Stanford Law School - September 02, 2017 823

Blog: Perceiving is believing - Part 1

Gamasutra - August 25, 2017 334

We have five basic senses that we use to perceive the world: smell, taste, touch, seeing and hearing. But is there a difference between sensing and perceiving? ...