Blog: Cognitive biases to look out for when running a games business

Gamasutra - October 24, 2017 3663

This post talks about some cognitive biases to avoid while making games or running a game studio, and links to some good resources about biases as well. ...

Don't Miss: Here are 7 games with great learning curves that devs should study

Gamasutra - October 12, 2017 3001

Which games offer a masterclass in how to design a well-shaped learning curve? Corey Davis of Psyonix, Chris Bourassa of Red Hook, and Global Game Jame co-founder Ian Schreiber weigh in. ...

Space: A natural and easy way to boost learning and memory

Bold Blog - October 09, 2017 2810

FeeLoona,, CC0 1.0

STUDENT VOICES: I never knew I’d get this far

Hechinger Report - October 03, 2017 2522

How did you hear about your school, Phoenix Academy Lawrence? We were going to [Lawrence High School], but my brother’s and my attendance wasn’t good, so they told us to come over here. Lawrence High is in South Lawrence, and I live in Tower Hill. That’s like a 45-minute walk. If I missed the school […]

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STUDENT VOICES: Pay teachers more

Hechinger Report - October 02, 2017 2473

How would you describe your school? The school opened in 2010. I came here in eighth grade. It serves sixth through 12th grade. We have about 500 kids now. The school’s so small, you kind of know everyone. It’s really diverse. We focus on gifted education. You can really kind of go in whatever path […]

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Breakfast enhances cognition in children and adolescents

Bold Blog - September 28, 2017 2238

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3 Images to Further the #InnovatorsMindset

The Principal of Change - November 03, 2017 2213

One of my fears when writing, “The Innovator’s Mindset“, was that I would leave something out and that it would be incomplete.  I then came to grips with the idea that although the learning is shared in book form, the learning on the topic, one that I am extremely passionate about, would continue.  Waiting until ... [Read more...]

Blog: How Kingdom Hearts blends combat evolution with character evolution

Gamasutra - September 13, 2017 1406

I discuss how Kingdom Hearts' combat evolution is not just better for the game design, but also for reflecting on the main character growth. ...

Blog: Breaking conventions to motivate players

Gamasutra - September 08, 2017 1114

Ubisoft game designer Andrii Goncharuk looks beyond psychology, sociology and neurobiology to better understand player motivation. ...