5 Things to Know about MAP Reading Fluency

Northwest Evaluation Association - January 30, 2018 2139

Last week, we were excited to announce our groundbreaking new product for K-3 students, MAP® Reading Fluency™. We’ve loved hearing all your feedback and questions – so... Continue Reading

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Video: Producers should be making more to-do lists

Gamasutra - January 18, 2018 1503

In this 2015 GDC Session, Oculus' Bernard Yee provides a suggest list for producers who manage a team and project's to-do list, why they are important and how to be effective on a daily basis. ...

Blog: We should all make time to not make things

Gamasutra - January 19, 2018 1502

After a recent creative break, I grapple with how rest and introspection are not championed in the industry, even they can be a huge boon to creative work. ...

Best of 2017: Game Design Deep Dive: Creating believable crowds in Planet Coaster

Gamasutra - December 29, 2017 363

"10,000 guests was what we targeted, and simulating each seemed like a challenge. This was where using flow/potential fields became very appealing." - Owen McCarthy, principal programmer at Frontier. ...