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Report: Walmart is looking to enter the game streaming business

Gamasutra - March 21, 2019 4872

Google stole the show at GDC earlier this week when it unveiled a new game streaming platform called Stadia, and fresh rumors suggest another big name might soon follow suit. ...

Opinion: Chez Stadia - Google's new cloud platform

Gamasutra - March 20, 2019 4822

The announcement for Google Stadia was absolutely perfect and flawless. It also told us exactly nothing about the relevant aspects for content creators or consumers. ...

Come to GDC for an inside look at the AI built to playtest Battlefield V!

Gamasutra - March 15, 2019 4541

Come to GDC next week to learn about the birth of AutoPlayers, autonomous bots used for playtesting Battlefield V in scenarios ranging from full 64-player soak tests to specific scripted test cases. ...

3 Factors To Consider Before AI Adoption

ELearningGraphics - March 19, 2019 4243

3 Factors To Consider Before AI Adoption Infographic Almost 37% of organizations have invested $5 million or more in cognitive technologies, states a survey by Deloitte. Inside and under every app we use every day there lies the revolution of technology. A revolution that started decades ago is now empowering organizations to deliver better and […]

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Get a crash course in using neural networks for game dev at GDC 2019

Gamasutra - March 01, 2019 3776

This cool talk from Unity about using neural networks in game dev is part of the Math for Game Developers Tutorial, a unique day-long look at the mathematical foundations of modern games! ...

DeepMind releases an AI learning environment for the card game Hanabi

Gamasutra - February 05, 2019 2460

Working alongside Google's AI division Google Brain, researchers at DeepMind have released an open-source AI training environment for the cooperative card game Hanabi. ...

Guest Post: Supporting a Connected Galaxy of Knowledge

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 28, 2019 1998

Elsevier's Gaby Appleton expands on some of the themes she discussed during the recent STM Association’s panel debate on ‘The future of access" and the work Elsevier is doing in these areas.

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Learn new and exciting ways to use AI in game dev at GDC 2019

Gamasutra - January 22, 2019 1687

From an in-depth look at Ubisoft's AI-powered chatbot for players to AI-driven benchmarking systems and how AI can improve speech recognition in your game, GDC 2019 is packed with intriguing AI talks! ...

#Data4BlackLives conference highlights how technology and race interact

Black Youth Project - January 14, 2019 1243

Data 4 Black Lives, a group comprised of activists, organizers, and mathematicians who are committed to using data science to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people, had their third conference this weekend. Titled Data 4 Black Lives II, the conference was held on the campus of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts and […]

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Blog: A simple format to archive design decisions

Gamasutra - January 14, 2019 1237

How we keep an archive of decision-making within the design documentation with the help of a few simple icons. ...