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Report: Walmart is looking to enter the game streaming business

Gamasutra - March 21, 2019 4872

Google stole the show at GDC earlier this week when it unveiled a new game streaming platform called Stadia, and fresh rumors suggest another big name might soon follow suit. ...

Google Stadia supports the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Gamasutra - March 20, 2019 4828

Google unveiled a controller alongside its cloud-based game streaming service Stadia this week, but players aren't locked into using Google-made hardware to play games on the service. ...

Opinion: Chez Stadia - Google's new cloud platform

Gamasutra - March 20, 2019 4822

The announcement for Google Stadia was absolutely perfect and flawless. It also told us exactly nothing about the relevant aspects for content creators or consumers. ...

Top Ten Progressive Advocacy Facebook Posts (1/14 to 1/21/2019)

e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics - January 21, 2019 1637

Top Facebook Advocacy Posts

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Blog: A (very incomplete) review of Artifact cards

Gamasutra - January 15, 2019 1291

Dark Roast Entertainment co-founder James Margaris offers 20 pages of thoughts on Artifact cards that begin with the letter 'A'. ...