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e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics - April 19, 2019 2992

Sugar needed a break from blogging

Top 2020 Presidential Campaign Facebook Posts (4/12 to 4/19/2019)

e.politics: online advocacy tools & tactics - April 19, 2019 2991

Path to the White House leads through Facebook

Android Browser Choice Screen in Europe

The Mozilla Blog - April 18, 2019 2963

Today, Google announced a new browser choice screen in Europe. We love an opportunity to show more people our products, like Firefox for Android. Independent browsers that put privacy and … Read more

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Report: Walmart is looking to enter the game streaming business

Gamasutra - March 21, 2019 1392

Google stole the show at GDC earlier this week when it unveiled a new game streaming platform called Stadia, and fresh rumors suggest another big name might soon follow suit. ...

Google Stadia supports the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Gamasutra - March 20, 2019 1347

Google unveiled a controller alongside its cloud-based game streaming service Stadia this week, but players aren't locked into using Google-made hardware to play games on the service. ...

Opinion: Chez Stadia - Google's new cloud platform

Gamasutra - March 20, 2019 1342

The announcement for Google Stadia was absolutely perfect and flawless. It also told us exactly nothing about the relevant aspects for content creators or consumers. ...