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The Map of Physics

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 13, 2017 839

Dominic Walliman offers a visual map of the field of physics. Continue reading

The Measure of All Things: Some Notes on CiteScore

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 11, 2017 729

Elsevier's new CiteScore service is a carefully thought-out element in the company's competitive strategy, but it reinforces the widespread error that bibliometrics can be use as proxies for the quality of a publication. Continue reading

Intellectual Craftsmanship and Scholarly Engagement — JSTOR’s Ideas for Redesigning the Digital Monograph

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 10, 2017 674

There's not a need to re-design the scholarly monograph itself. There's a need for tools that can better facilitate a connection between author and reader. Continue reading

Restoring a 17th Century Map and the Stories It Tells Us

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 06, 2017 454

A fragmented map found stuffed up a Scottish chimney is restored into a meaningful historical document. Continue reading