I was supposed to write about Apple’s new show ‘Planet of the Apps,’ Instead, I wrote about @GaryVee

Brian Solis - June 19, 2017 8228

This post started as a review of the new show on Apple Music, “Planet of the Apps.” I realized the world didn’t need another announcement or review of the show. What I will say is this, any show that aims to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life and also transform them into budding businesses that change the world is important. The show features Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gary Vaynerchuk. I’ve had the privilege of working with this crew (except...

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Innovation is a gift worth getting: Competing for the future starts with challenging business as usual

Brian Solis - June 26, 2017 7733

Every day when you get to the office, there is a surmountable volume of work that greets you. The list is usually pretty long, with calls to return, to do items stacked up, emails overflowing, meetings, marketing and sales planning to fill the pipeline. It’s all in a day’s work. But what if one day you woke up and noticed that the volume of work was notably less? I’m sure you’d be relieved for a bit. But then each day,...

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Boldly Go: The Confluence of Digital Transformation, Innovation, Culture and Experience

Brian Solis - June 22, 2017 7336

There are almost too many technology trends to track these days and it’s only getting more complicated to keep up. At some point, one must focus, dive deeper and learn. This year, I’m centering my research and speaking on a few different but complementary areas: Corporate Innovation Digital Transformation Digital Culture/Culture 2.0 X – Experience Design Recently, I had the opportunity to present a combination of all of the above at the RocketSpace Corporate Innovation Summit hosted by Dousing.