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Can .art domain give the art business an online boost?

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - March 12, 2017 1636

Arts institutions now have the option of a new internet suffix which aims to offer greater intelligibility and authenticity and maybe help the art market

London’s Institute of Contemporary Art adopted the new .Art suffix last week, a sign that the art and culture business may at last be starting to come to terms with its future in the digital realm.

The hip arts organisation ditched its fusty web domain for the more streamlined and descriptive ica.

Viral video clip reveals assumptions about gender as much as race and class | Letters

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - March 13, 2017 812

Regarding the Korean wife-nanny illusion (Mum’s the word: assumptions about woman in BBC gatecrasher clip raise hard questions, 13 March), I fail to see where the evidence for prejudice (ie, an unreasonable assertion based not on evidence) is. We all make rapid pragmatic assessments (form “stereotypes”) about others – it is part of our evolutionary inheritance.