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Google's extremism apology came after UK pressure – minister

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - March 21, 2017 3537

Government ‘read the riot act’ to the firm, which must do more to tackle far-right videos on YouTube

Google’s public apology over placing advertising next to extremist material came only after it was “read the riot act” at a Whitehall summit last Friday, it has emerged.

The company’s bosses are expected to meet Cabinet Office ministers again this week, setting out further action to strengthen their advertising policies and ensure government ads do not appear next to YouTube videos featuring US white supremacists or banned Islamist hate preachers.

Facebook and Twitter could pay the price for hate speech | John Naughton

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - March 19, 2017 3491

Germany’s proposal to fine social media companies for failing to remove illegal content is a significant moment in democracy’s battle with digital giants

The German government has published a draft law that will impose huge fines (up to €50m) on social networks that fail promptly to remove hate speech, fake news and other undesirable content from their platforms. Social media companies will be required to explain rules and complaint procedures clearly to users and follow up on each complaint.