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Too Old to Die Young review - Nicolas Winding Refn's dead-eyed LA nightmare

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - May 18, 2019 3481

The Only God Forgives director has made his first foray into TV with a supernatural noir series, and it’s just as horrible and upsetting as you’d expect

When I spoke to Nicolas Winding Refn at the Lumiere film festival in Lyon a while back, he told me that though cinema would find a way to return in the digital multiplatform age: “Television is dead. And television will not be reborn.” He can only of course have meant that mischievously, because Refn has just completed a huge new TV show, a quasi-supernatural LA horror-thriller noir entitled Too Old to Die Young, two episodes of which premiered on the bigger-than-big screen of the Grand Theatre Lumiere at Cannes.