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Are we finally reacting to the disruptive supremacy of Facebook and Google? | Will Hutton

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - March 25, 2017 7786

Germany challenges Facebook on personal data, Google agrees to police its ads: are these landmark events?

The internet celebrated its 28th birthday a fortnight ago. It’s an invention that ranks alongside the wheel, immunisation against disease and the internal combustion engine as a transformer of human existence. As an open information digital connector, it is an extraordinary force for individual liberation, embodying the very best of Enlightenment values: more information is available to more people through their mobile phones and personal computers than ever before.

By dismantling domestic privacy laws, the US will lose control of the global internet

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - March 25, 2017 5869

If Donald Trump signs off changes, he weakens America’s ‘global village’ role

The numerous paradoxes that will haunt Donald Trump in the coming months were on full display during the recent Senate vote to undo privacy legislation that was passed in the last few years of the Obama administration.

As part of a broader effort to treat internet service providers and telecoms operators as utility companies, Obama imposed restrictions on what these companies could do with all the user data from browsers and apps.