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Fake News review – Trumped-up story fuels punchy media satire

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - January 15, 2019 8070

Theatre 503, London
A catastrophic fact-checking error that nearly breaks the internet cues Osman Baig’s expressive and energetic one-man piece about digital journalism

The narrator-protagonist of Osman Baig’s first play is identified only as the Journalist, employed at an online provider called Millennium Times. Ticket-buyers play unpaid interns to whom the character, now a senior editor, delivers an induction lecture on “journalistic integrity”.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie tops US album chart with record low of 823 sales

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - January 15, 2019 7098

New York rapper’s online-only album Hoodie SZN reaches No 1 spot mainly from 83m streams as digital downloads continue to plummet

New York rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has topped the US album chart with sales of just 823 digital copies, a record low.

His No 1 was mostly powered by streams, with his album Hoodie Szn streamed 83m times across different platforms. With no release for the album on CD or vinyl, the 823 people purchasing it in the week ending 10 January bought digital downloads.

Happy 10th birthday, bitcoin. It’s amazing you still exist | Tibor Fischer

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - January 03, 2019 4888

False prophets, a rogues’ gallery of blaggers, and fiendish technical complexity: the cryptocurrency has defied them all

Bitcoin, the Big Daddy of cryptocurrencies, which celebrates its 10th birthday today, rarely inspires temperate or informed debate.

For its detractors – mostly elderly bankers and economists – it is tulip-mania, moonshine, hi-tech smoke and mirrors.

Together we can thwart the big-tech data grab. Here’s how | John Harris

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - January 06, 2019 2885

A decentralised internet sounds offputtingly complicated. But our lives, online and off, now depend upon it

Our family got a Google Home Hub for Christmas. As comparative lifestyle Neanderthals, we have so far only used it as a glorified digital picture frame and music player, though this is clearly not what it was built for. Say “Hey, Google”, tell it what you want, and a whole universe of entertainment, advice and help can be supplied – up to and including instant control of internet-connected doorbells, thermostats and more.