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10 Days till EdCampOKC 2017: March 4, 2017 at Del City High School

Speed of Creativity - February 21, 2017 3215

We’re just 10 days away from the best EdCampOKC ever! You’re going to LOVE our lineup of prizes including 5 iPad Minis, 2 Chromebooks, over $350 in gift cards, a Chilbo Baggins and Gaiam yoga chair.

More Minecraft Learning: Enchantments and Desert Temples

Speed of Creativity - January 30, 2017 2003

Over our last snow day / ice day weekend I setup an older, inherited Mac laptop as a home Minecraft server and resurrected a collaborative survival world Rachel (our 7th grader) and I started a couple of years ago with our younger cousins over the Thanksgiving holidays. My own Minecraft learning curve had [...]