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Finally, kids can have their own Google accounts (with parents’ help)

Net Family News - March 15, 2017 4337

Google made a bit of history today, opening up its universe of apps and services to users under 13 as their parents design it. Family Link, the name of the new parental control toolset, describes it well: Parents download the tools to their own and the kids’ devices, then link them up for a whole […]

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‘Blue Whale’ game: ‘Fake news’ about teens spread internationally

Net Family News - March 13, 2017 4236

It has been reported as real news here in the U.S. in recent weeks, just as it was earlier in eastern Europe, and what a dark, disrespectful message it sends about young people in any country. I’m talking about coverage of the so-called “Blue Whale suicide game” that started in Russia. And while even the […]

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The resilience part of digital parenting (& kids’ safety)

Net Family News - March 11, 2017 4100

Parents concerned about the digital part of parenting deserve to know that they are not starting from scratch when their kids start using phones, tablets and other connected devices – even if they haven’t had conversations about digital safety yet. Far from it. Besides a loving family member or 2, 3 or 30 and the […]

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Tether Ball: A Survival Story

Barking Robot - February 25, 2017 3309

Over on my Medium page, I've shared the story of my kidnapping from the playground in 4th grade while playing tether ball with my friends. Yes, seriously. As the police officer carried me up the hill, I started to look...