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Core concern: ‘Blue Whale’ & the social norms research

Net Family News - May 17, 2017 3000

My first post on the Blue Whale “game” or “challenge” was published March 13 here (and has gotten more comments than any of my blog posts since 1999!). A lot has happened since then, so an update is in order, but I hope you agree that the most important part of this story is how and […]

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VR as empathy teaching tool: What to love, what to watch out for

Net Family News - May 01, 2017 2109

Just from watching Engadget’s 6 min. video report about it I could tell “The Last Goodbye” – a 16 min. virtual reality experience that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival that just wrapped in New York – will have a profound impact on anyone who experiences it. The reporter called it “emotionally harrowing.” So there […]

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Reasons why ’13 Reasons Why’ demands discussion

Net Family News - April 27, 2017 1896

By now, if you live or work with young people, you’ve probably heard about “13 Reasons Why,” Netflix’s dramatic series about a teenager’s suicide. Based on a Young Adult book of the same title, the series – now a hot topic at schools in the U.S. and other countries – needs discussing. On one hand, […]

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Be Authentic! Immersive Youth & Youthvine Joins Motivate

Barking Robot - April 26, 2017 1839

Our startup, Immersive Youth, along with our Youthvine platform, have been acquired by Motivate ROI and together we are launching Motivate Youth! Motivate — the leading specialized insights and media partner for reaching Multicultural, Youth and LGBTQ segments — announced...