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The Gen Z Frequency: Book Release Day

Barking Robot - September 05, 2018 4097

Today my book ‘The GenZ Frequency’, co-written with Gregg L. Witt, was officially published in the UK and the rest of the world by Kogan Page! The book will be published in the US on September 28th! ‪If I’ve learned...

Gen Z : The Next Generation of Learners [RESEARCH]

Barking Robot - August 30, 2018 3767

Results of new research conducted in August 2018 by The Harris Poll for Pearson Education. The report explores the education, learning and media consumption habits and preferences of Generation Z. One surprising finding in this report is that Gen Z...

Regeneron STEM Science Talent Search

Barking Robot - August 21, 2018 3270

The Regeneron Science Talent Search is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious science, technology, engineering, and mathematics competition for 12th-grade students in the country. The Science Talent Search has been identifying and celebrating the best and brightest young scientific minds...

Infographic: Gen Z and the Future of TV

Barking Robot - August 11, 2018 2720

Gen Z is the first generation that has had access to on-demand television content for a majority of their lives. Yet, questions still remain around how these digital natives actually consume content, as well as what their attitudes are towards...

Trend Watch: Kids, Technology and Privacy

Barking Robot - August 02, 2018 2233

Many parents are under the impression that it's just Google or social networking companies that are tracking and collecting data on their kids. However, it's not just social and gaming apps who are collecting data on your kids. There are...