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To write better games, Chris Avellone takes lessons from Dr. Who

Gamasutra - March 24, 2017 4908

"Throw the players into an environment with a lot of visual mysteries," veteran game designer Chris Avellone told Glixel. "Then you let them explore the environment, & try and solve those mysteries." ...

Hitman dev says the secret to expansive level design is spirals

Gamasutra - March 24, 2017 4907

"They're basically spirals, or a snail house, we call it," IO Interactive's Torbjorn Christensen told Rock, Paper, Shotgun,, explaining the in Hitman levels like Sapienza and Hokkaido. ...

Why has BioWare made the same multiplayer game three times in a row?

Gamasutra - March 24, 2017 4906

We take a look at why BioWare has stuck with horde mode multiplayer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. ...

GameStop lays plans to close at least 150 stores this year

Gamasutra - March 24, 2017 4905

GameStop has confirmed plans to close at least 150 GameStop stores around the world this year in an ongoing effort to close down underperforming locations -- but its opening 100 new non-game stores. ...

Don't Miss: Designing architecture for impact in The Witness

Gamasutra - March 15, 2017 4899

Deanna Van Buren, the architect who collaborated with Jonathan Blow on The Witness, explains how her art could contribute to games that feel and look more real and compelling. ...

Video: How Pokemon Go was designed to be playable in public

Gamasutra - March 24, 2017 4899

At GDC 2017, Niantic's Dennis Hwang hopped onstage to showcase how Pokemon Go was designed to be intuitive and safe to play in public -- and what other devs can learn from the process. ...

Get a job: Sanzaru Games is hiring a Character Artist

Gamasutra - March 24, 2017 4899

Sanzaru Games is looking for an experienced Character Artist to create and maintain characters, textures, and other assets as a member of its California-based development team. ...

Blog: An overview of the GDC 2017 UX Summit

Gamasutra - March 24, 2017 4899

Epic Games' director of user experience Celia Hodent offers a succinct look at the UX Summit from GDC 2017. ...