Spigot 2.2

In Beta Testing

While this site should be fully functional, the process of ranking items based on relevancy and reach is a highly complicated and long process. As such, the content on this site might shift around a bit while we work out the settings.

If you see an error while navigating this site, or have any comments, questions, or feedback, please contact Jeff Brazil.

How This Site Works

The Feeds

Feeds are curated by our staff. We import all active feeds on an hourly basis.

You can see the current status of all feeds that we import from by going to the Feeds List

Flow Rate Score (FRS)

We use the Internet to gather statistical information about an item and rank it based on its Social Media Impact (SMI) as well as the relevancy of the source feed. These statistical points are combined to create a Flow Rate Score (FRS).

All items on Spigot 2 are then ordered based on the Flow Rate Score -- the higher the FRS, the higher an item appears in a section. Flow Rate Scores are subjected to a daily depreciation amount based on a percentage scale so that regardless of how much Social Media Impact an item has received, it will eventually depreciate to a Flow Rate Score of 0.

Once an item has reached a Flow Rate Score of 0 (FRS0), it will no longer be displayed on any of our feeds or sections. The purpose of Spigot 2 is to provide the most relevant and recent content to our readers based on a 24/7 news cycle.

Content Caching

All pages on this site observe a 5-minute cache Time to Live setting. If we import a new item, recalculate Flow Rate Score, or tally tags, the site will reflect updated numbers and ranking after no more than 5 minutes.