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Jaron Lanier: ‘The solution is to double down on being human’

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 12, 2017 4814

He’s the Silicon Valley visionary who gave us virtual reality. Now, in a new memoir-cum-manifesto, Jaron Lanier recounts his sad, unusual childhood and calls for a re-evaluation of our ties with the digital environment

Jaron Lanier has written a book about virtual reality, a phrase he coined and a concept he did much to invent. It has the heady title Dawn of the New Everything. But it’s also a tale of his growing up and when you read it, what you really want to talk to him about is parenting.

Richard Spencer and others lose Twitter verified status under new guidelines

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 15, 2017 4768

Company announces new rules for blue-checkmarked verified accounts following criticism over status of Charlottesville rally organizer Jason Kessler

Twitter announced new guidelines for verified accounts on Wednesday, one week after the company was harshly criticized for granting the coveted blue checkmark to Jason Kessler, the

Black Friday 2017: where to get the best UK deals

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 16, 2017 4618

Preparation is key to getting the best Black Friday deals, so try this handy guide to what’s on offer in the UK

Shoppers are expected to spend at least £10bn over the five working days next week as the UK continues its affair with Black Friday, the US-inspired discount day.

Most of the action takes place online in this country, with shoppers choosing to bargain hunt from under the duvet using their phone or laptop rather than queueing up outside stores in the early hours.

The Guardian view on data protection: privacy is not enough | Editorial

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 09, 2017 4596

Rights over our personal data are only a start. The imbalances of power online must be tackled in other ways too

We entered the age of surveillance capitalism blindly over the last decade, without understanding what we were doing to ourselves, and almost without the conceptual tools to understand it either. Now we have woken up to the situation where a handful of giant companies have grown unfathomably rich by processing and then selling on our personal data.

12 cities to get superfast gigabit broadband via Vodafone by 2021

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 09, 2017 3343

Company signs a £5m deal with CityFibre to lay out fibre optic networks connecting 1m homes as it aims at 5G services

Vodafone has struck a £500m deal to bring next-generation gigabit speed broadband to a dozen UK cities, enabling consumers to download 4k quality movies in minutes rather than hours and hospitals to send CT Scan images in seconds.

Vodafone has struck a deal with CityFibre, the publicly-listed company, to build fibre optic lines to 1m homes by 2021 with an option to extend to 5 million homes by 2025, covering 20% of the UK broadband market.