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Norfolk emerges as dating fraud hotspot in regional scam standings

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - June 15, 2017 1649

Investment fraud is a particular problem in Surrey while email hacking afflicts London, England and Wales reports data suggests

Norfolk is a hotspot for reported dating fraud, while in Surrey investment scams are a particular concern and mid-Wales has relatively high levels of reported computer repair fraud, according to Which? analysis.

The findings were revealed following a Freedom of Information Act request for thousands of reports made to Action Fraud during 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Mail Online story about alleged cause of Grenfell fire prompts around 1,300 complaints

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - June 16, 2017 1608

Press watchdog will assess complaints about article focusing on man whose faulty fridge allegedly started west London blaze

Grenfell Tower fire - latest updates
Long and forensic investigation ahead

A Mail Online article about a man whose faulty fridge allegedly started the

Should I speak up when I see something offensive or false on social media?

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - June 14, 2017 1421

With all the ranting and raving, it’s easy to feel that sensible online debate is impossible. But people are watching, and sensible voices need to be heard

Q: When someone posts something offensive or factually wrong on my social media feed, how obliged am I to wade in and correct them?

A: There are words and aphorisms to describe doing nothing in the circumstance to which you refer. “Bystander syndrome” is one, the phenomenon of witnessing an attack, verbal or physical, and standing passively by.