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Gary Lineker and Danny Baker talk goals, gags and Gazza – podcasts of the week

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 08, 2018 3540

Football podcast Lineker and Baker: Behind Closed Doors offers ‘a romp through life in the English game’, while a new series remembers the Ruby Ridge siege

Remember Missing Richard Simmons, the hugely popular if highly criticised series about the former celebrity exercise coach? Its creator is returning with a new series next week. Surviving Y2K revisits the millennium bug, speaking to coders, conspiracy theorists and other individuals convinced that we were about to face a technological apocalypse on 01/01/2000.

Toshiba's failure shows private sector cannot deliver nuclear future for UK | Phillip Inman

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 08, 2018 3325

As Cumbria reactor plan stalls, it is clear that huge resources are needed for such projects

If the government was keen to boost Britain’s nuclear industry, it was always clear that the private market would struggle to deliver.

The decision by Toshiba to close down its UK operations is a case in point. After the deal to build new reactors at Hinkley

Amazon's AbeBooks backs down after booksellers stage global protest

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 08, 2018 3316

After almost 600 booksellers withdrew 3.5m books from the secondhand marketplace in support of countries dropped by the website, it apologises for a ‘bad decision’

An “extraordinary and unprecedented” global protest from antiquarian booksellers has forced the Amazon-owned secondhand marketplace AbeBooks to backtrack on its decision to pull out of several countries.

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EU stumbles in plan to levy 3% digital tax on major firms

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 06, 2018 2714

Agreement to take action against companies such as Facebook and Google runs into opposition

A European Union plan to tax Google, Facebook and other internet firms risks failure after a handful of member states announced their opposition.

EU countries are studying proposals to levy a 3% tax on big internet companies that make money from user data or digital advertising, in a bid to level the playing field with bricks-and-mortar companies that pay more tax.

Tim Berners-Lee launches campaign to save the web from abuse

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 05, 2018 2381

A ‘Magna Carta for the web’ will protect people’s rights online from threats such as fake news, prejudice and hate, says founder of the internet

Tim Berners-Lee has launched a global campaign to save the web from the destructive effects of abuse and discrimination, political manipulation, and other threats that plague the online world.

In a talk at the opening of the Web Summit in Lisbon on Monday, the inventor of the web called on governments, companies and individuals to back a new “Contract for the Web” that aims to protect people’s rights and freedoms on the internet.

Apple event: 'greenest ever' MacBook Air and new iPad Pro announced – as it happened

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - October 30, 2018 1372

The Silicon Valley firm decamps to Brooklyn for its latest launch. Will it announce a new iPad Pro and MacBook Air as predicted?

For the iPad Pro the change will be significant, as Apple attempts to dance the line between thin-and-light tablet and computer replacement without merging its iOS mobile operating system with its macOS desktop operating system.

Embracing USB-C will be key, as the

Flickr to delete millions of photos as it reduces allowance for free users

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - November 02, 2018 1345

Photo-sharing site to limit free storage to 1,000 images as part of revamp under new owners

Flickr is to delete millions of photos from the internet, as its new owners attempt to sustain the photo-sharing site after its purchase from Yahoo earlier this year.

Free users of the site will be limited to storing 1,000 photos and videos, with any excess being deleted from February 2019. The limit is a steep reduction from the previous allowance of 1TB per user, around 200,000-500,000 photos each.

Hammond targets US tech giants with 'digital services tax'

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - October 29, 2018 771

Tax aimed at likes of Amazon and Google but OBR says it might raise just £30m from each

The government has announced a special “digital services tax” on US technology firms – including Google, Facebook and Amazon – to make sure “these global giants with profitable businesses in the UK pay their fair share”.

Philip Hammond, the chancellor, said the UK could no longer wait for “painfully slow” discussions on an international agreement on tackling tech firms’ tax avoidance. He said the UK would go it alone and introduce the tax on online firms that make more than £500m a year globally.