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The Guardian view on digital giants: they farm us for the data | Editorial

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - June 18, 2017 6296

We are neither the customers nor even the product of companies like Google, but we turn our lives into the knowledge that they sell

An astonishing project is under way to build a “digital time machine” that will show us in fine detail the lives of ordinary Venetians across a thousand years of history. It is made possible by the persistence of the republic’s bureaucracy, which, when Napoleon extinguished the Republic of Venice in 1797, left behind 80km of shelving full of records of births, deaths, trades, building, land ownership, private letters, ambassadors’ reports and even medical information.

The rise of eSports: are addiction and corruption the price of its success?

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - June 16, 2017 5108

Forget football, the world’s fastest-growing sport is live video gaming. But increasingly its impact is proving harmful to those involved

If you had been away from the planet for the past quarter of a century, one of the few things you might find comfortingly familiar on your return is the world of sport. While the digital revolution has transformed the way we shop, chat, date, do politics and consume culture, sport looks largely unchanged.

Want to succeed in tech? Try not to be a woman… | John Naughton

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - June 11, 2017 3712

Innovative tech environments can be the least female-friendly, as Susan Fowler discovered among the cavemen of Uber

In front of me as I write this is a photograph. It’s an interior shot of one of the buildings on Facebook’s campus in California. It looks as big as an aircraft hangar, except that it has steel pillars at regular intervals. The pillars are labelled to enable people to find their desks.