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Ofcom forces telecoms firms to tell customers about better deals

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - May 14, 2019 2458

More than 20m users could save a fifth on landline, broadband, TV and mobile packages

More than 20 million customers could save a fifth on the cost of their landline, broadband, TV and mobile packages after a ruling by Ofcom.

The broadcasting and media regulator has introduced rules forcing broadband, TV and phone companies to tell customers when their contracts are coming to an end, and alert them to the best deals available.

Latest Game of Thrones episode sends curveball to children named Khaleesi

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - May 13, 2019 2115

WARNING: contains spoilers from season eight, episode five. Sharp change of fortune for dragon queen leaves many wondering about the thousands named after her

WARNING: contains spoilers from season eight, episode five.

Among those feeling most horrified as they watched Daenerys Targaryen’s mass-murderous turn in this week’s Game of Thrones episode were surely some of the parents who had named their daughters after the dragon queen.


The Guardian’s view on free speech online: a messy compromise | Editorial

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - May 13, 2019 1942

Rightwing extremists are now being deprived of their income stream from YouTube advertisements. Not to do so would be worse

Alphabet, the company that owns Google and YouTube, has quietly become one of the most powerful gatekeepers of permitted speech on the planet, along with Facebook and – within China – the Chinese government. This isn’t entirely a bad thing. Everyone agrees there are some things that have no place online, although different cultures and different countries have varying and often entirely incompatible rules about permissible speech.

Fighting online disability hate crime | Letter

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - May 13, 2019 1918

Mark Brookes draws attention to #ImWithSam and says what needs to change is the behaviour of abusers, not victims

Disability hate crime is an issue we face every day, but is not often talked about (Report, 10 May). Figures showing that online disability hate crime has hit record levels in England and Wales are very concerning, and highlight that we need to talk about the issue in order to tackle it.

What does it mean to be a man in 2019? Podcasts of the week

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - May 09, 2019 767

A new series promises ‘tough, funny, enlightening conversations’ about modern masculinity, while Bill Clinton enters the world of podcasting

In “everyone has a podcast now” news, Bill Clinton has launched a new audio series. Why Am I Telling You This? will see the 42nd President of the United States use storytelling to “explain complex issues and bring people closer together”. Also appearing is Clinton’s daughter Chelsea, although there’s no word yet on whether Hillary has any plans to contribute.