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'They could destroy the album': how Spotify's playlists have changed music for ever

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - August 17, 2017 6617

Custom playlists on the streaming site can bring unknown artists to millions. But are they altering how songs get written?

Venezuelan singer Danny Ocean was languishing in obscurity when he released Me Rehúso independently in September – and then Spotify changed his life. As the track started to build slowly on the Central American viral charts, the streaming service – spotting these spikes in plays – threw its weight behind it, putting it into multiple playlists this year.

Scottish parliament hit by cyber-attack similar to Westminster assault

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - August 15, 2017 6198

MSPs and Holyrood staff warned hackers trying to access numerous email accounts in ongoing ‘brute force cyber-attack’

Hackers have mounted a “brute force” cyber-attack on the Scottish parliament’s computer systems, weeks after a similar attack on email accounts at Westminster.

MSPs and Holyrood staff were warned on Tuesday that hackers were attempting to access numerous email accounts by systematically and repeatedly trying to crack their passwords.

Netflix and Amazon on edge as Disney plans own streaming service

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - August 08, 2017 6042

Studio will pull all titles from rivals and try to corner market in family-friendly fare from 2019

Disney is to pull its movies from Netflix and take on the streaming company with the launch of its own service from 2019, showing family-friendly fare such as the Toy Story films, Frozen and its forthcoming sequel, and The Lion King. The move is being seen as a potential major challenge to Netflix, whose shares fell 4% in after-hours trading on the back of the news, and to Amazon.

Disney said it had not yet made a decision on whether to include Marvel, home to the

TalkTalk scam victims move closer to class-action lawsuit

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - August 18, 2017 5787

Information commissioner’s ruling on data breach strengthens case against broadband provider

Lawyers acting for around 50 people defrauded by scammers after a major data breach at TalkTalk in 2014 are discussing their next move, which victims hope could herald the start of legal action against the broadband firm.

Last week the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) announced it was fining TalkTalk £100,000 for failing to look after its customers’ data.

Data-hucksters beware: online privacy is returning | John Naughton

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - August 19, 2017 4997

Next May, an EU regulation will enshrine the protection of personal data into law and not even Brexit is going to stop it

Next year, 25 May looks like being a significant date. That’s because it’s the day that the European Union’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) comes into force. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a date that is already keeping many corporate executives awake at night. And for those who are still sleeping soundly, perhaps it would be worth checking that their organisations are ready for what’s coming down the line.

Four UK news sources among top 10 most trusted in US – survey

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - August 09, 2017 3510

Economist, Reuters, BBC and the Guardian rated highly by US readers, while Breitbart and BuzzFeed among least trusted

Four of the 10 most trusted sources of news among US readers are based in Britain, according to a survey.

The Economist was the most trusted source, with Reuters third, the BBC fourth and the Guardian seventh, according to a study by University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute.


We’d all benefit from encouraging children to go outside and take risks | Christina Patterson

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - August 07, 2017 3248

It’s not just the young who need to put down their phones, turn away from the internet and get out into the real world

Stop popping the balloons. Forget the dew on the grass. Bring back the conkers and the yo-yos. And ditch those hi-vis jackets that make every child look like Bob the Builder. It’s time, says the chief inspector of schools, to blast the bugles, sound the trumpets and chuck out the cotton wool. It’s time, in fact, to set the children of this nation free.

Perhaps she didn’t mention bugles, but at the weekend,

Journalists to use 'immune system' software against fake news

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - August 08, 2017 2777

Full Fact software backed by George Soros and Pierre Omidyar fact-checks statements in parliament and news media in real time

Broadcast, print and online journalists are to begin using an automated fact-checking system that quickly alerts them to false claims made in the press, on TV and in parliament.

An early version of the system, dubbed the “bullshit detector” by its creators, will be rolled out for testing from October as part of a global fightback against fake news.

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