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Summarizing Summer Institute in Digital Literacy Learning via Twitter Moments

Speed of Creativity - July 17, 2019 4896

Whew! This week I’m attending the 2019 Summer Institute in Digital Literacy (#digiURI) in Providence, Rhode Island, and it’s been a wonderful whirlwind of learning so far. A few years ago, as my use of Twitter increased, I stopped documenting my learning from conferences and other professional development events on my blog via [...]

Understanding Russian Disinformation in U.S. Politics

Speed of Creativity - July 14, 2019 4768

I’m attending the “Summer Institute in Digital Literacy” (#digiURI) this week in Providence, Rhode Island. Although my flight landed too late for me to make the official opening session, thanks to Troy Hicks (@hickstro) I connected for supper with a great group of attendees and had wonderful conversations.

The Cognitive Cost of Carbon Copy Email

Speed of Creativity - June 24, 2019 3670

If you haven’t noticed, we have a major email overload problem in our lives and society. There are many reasons for email overload, and there is not a single solution, but one way we can address some of the underlying issues is to reflect on what I’ll term “the cognitive cost of carbon copy [...]