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A Rising Moral Panic

BuzzMachine - January 18, 2019 1461

This is just what I fear: fear itself. See that exchange above. Nick Thompson, the very impressive editor-in-chief of Wired, touted a column by one of his writers who idly wondered whether the #10YearChallenge meme could be a conspiracy created by Facebook to get us chumps to provide it with photos and data to enable […]

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The kids are alright. Grandpa’s the problem.

BuzzMachine - January 09, 2019 987

NYU and Princeton professors just released an important study that took a set of fake news domains identified by BuzzFeed’s Craig Silverman and others and asked who shares them on Facebook. They found that: Sharing so-called fake news appears to be rare. “The vast majority of Facebook users in our data” —more than 90 %— […]

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Hot Trump. Cool @aoc.

BuzzMachine - January 06, 2019 794

I’ve been rereading a lot of Marshall McLuhan lately and I’m as confounded as ever by his conception of hot vs. cool media. And so I decided to try to test my thinking by comparing the phenomena of Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at this millennial media wendepunkt, as text and television give way to the […]

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The Spiegel Scandal and the Seduction of Storytelling

BuzzMachine - December 27, 2018 246

“Everyone who writes knows the seduction of the narrative.” — Bernhard Pörksen in Die Zeit The German journalism world is grappling with the implications of a shocking scandal at Der Spiegel: An award-winning, 33-year-old reporter — no, a fabulist and a fraud — named Claas Relotius made up article after article with stunning and audacious contempt for truth, as this fact-checking of his […]

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Facebook. Sigh.

BuzzMachine - December 24, 2018 94

I’d rather like to inveigh against Facebook right now as it would be convenient, given that ever since I raised money for my school from the company, it keeps sinking deeper in a tub of hot, boiling bile in every media story and political pronouncement about its screwups. Last week’s New York Times story about Facebook sharing data with other […]

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