About Us

Spigot is an algorithm-based content aggregating website whose goal is to aggregate the compelling research, news and opinion in the digital media and learning field and provide a dependable, up to date, one-stop publication.

All of the content on Spigot is aggregated based on an automated algorithmic ranking system that makes decisions based on such factors as popularity of a story, how many external links to that story, and the popularity of the sites embedding those links.

Spigot’s "Popular Today" section is created automatically by Tweeted Times, based on tweeted links by thought leaders in the DML community.

The other stories you see on Spigot are the result of a set of curated feeds relating to digital media and learning. As we discover innovative sources, we may reshuffle our selection, providing you with the freshest ideas relating to learning, technology, and youth.

Spigot also includes a comprehensive tagging system, which enables users to pinpoint specific interests of theirs. Each tag contains its own RSS feed, providing users with the most cutting edge news items relating to that specific topic.

Fore more information on the inner workings of this site, visit the Spigot 2.1 page.

Spigot is operated by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub. Our mission is to advance research in the service of a more equitable, participatory, and effective ecosystem of learning keyed to the digital era. You can learn more about the work of the Research Hub at dmlhub.net.

Our team is dedicated to making Spigot as helpful as possible, so please let us know what improvements we need to make.

Mimi Ito photo

Mimi Ito

Mimi oversees all our initiatives, including Spigot, to support research
in digital media and learning, and to foster wide-scale sharing and collaboration.
Jeff Brazil photo

Jeff Brazil

Jeff directs content, curation and strategy.
Tara Brown photo

Tara Brown

Tara is the technical advisor for Spigot.org and offers guidance as to the evolution of the site and its programming.
Anh Nguyen photo

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen is responsible for Spigot's website development as well as developing and maintaining applications and databases for UCHRI.
Jamieson Pond photo

Jamieson Pond

Jamieson is the Spigot content editor and Digital Media and Learning Research Hub's research community manager.

We also want to acknowledge the team at Chapter Three in San Francisco, our partners in web design and development, especially Nica Lorber, Richard Eriksson, and Stephanie Canon.

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