Alt.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Jerry Belich's Cylindrus

Gamasutra - February 09, 2017 4401

"Imagine if you took a monitor, curved it into a cylinder, and lowered the resolution by a lot. Now add wireless Wii nunchuk controllers, and move your glowy avatar around with friends!" ...

Alt.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Lil Deer's Orpheus Quest

Gamasutra - February 02, 2017 4019

The Laser Lyre, inspired by the antique Greek instrument, is a wooden controller with green laser strings. ...

The Map of Physics

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 13, 2017 2908

Dominic Walliman offers a visual map of the field of physics. Continue reading

University Press Books We Loved in 2016

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 12, 2017 2853

As a follow-up to the chef’s best books read during 2016, I’m happy to present a selection of our favorite university press reads of 2016 (and thanks to one of our commenters for the suggestion!). We tend to think of university presses as focused primarily on humanities and social science (dare I say esoteric?) monographs … Continue reading

The Measure of All Things: Some Notes on CiteScore

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 11, 2017 2798

Elsevier's new CiteScore service is a carefully thought-out element in the company's competitive strategy, but it reinforces the widespread error that bibliometrics can be use as proxies for the quality of a publication. Continue reading