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Rethinking the player avatar in VR

Gamasutra - January 09, 2017 4541

We talk to Max Weisel of NormalVR, Nicolas Doucet of Playroom VR, and Timothy Johnson of Sluggy's Fruit Emporium about the possibilities and pitfalls of VR avatars, as well as why non-human avatars are the way forward. ...

Oculus purchases eye-tracking tech specialist, The Eye Tribe

Gamasutra - January 03, 2017 4226

Virtual reality giant Oculus has purchased Danish eye-tracking specialist The Eye Tribe, which wants to rethink how we interact with digital worlds and consumer tech using our eyes. ...

Blog: Designing for player comfort in virtual reality

Gamasutra - December 15, 2016 3178

Room-scale virtual reality is one of the most exciting design features to come to the table with VR design. So, let's make sure our players are comfortable in each experience. ...

Oculus restructures to form separate groups for mobile & PC VR

Gamasutra - December 13, 2016 3086

Oculus is changing how it works and establishing two internal groups, one focused on VR for PC and the other on VR for mobile devices. Current CEO Brendan Iribe will step aside to lead the PC group. ...