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The Map of Physics

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 13, 2017 2908

Dominic Walliman offers a visual map of the field of physics. Continue reading

The Measure of All Things: Some Notes on CiteScore

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 11, 2017 2798

Elsevier's new CiteScore service is a carefully thought-out element in the company's competitive strategy, but it reinforces the widespread error that bibliometrics can be use as proxies for the quality of a publication. Continue reading

Intellectual Craftsmanship and Scholarly Engagement — JSTOR’s Ideas for Redesigning the Digital Monograph

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 10, 2017 2743

There's not a need to re-design the scholarly monograph itself. There's a need for tools that can better facilitate a connection between author and reader. Continue reading

Restoring a 17th Century Map and the Stories It Tells Us

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 06, 2017 2523

A fragmented map found stuffed up a Scottish chimney is restored into a meaningful historical document. Continue reading

PLOS ONE Output Drops Again In 2016

The Scholarly Kitchen - January 05, 2017 2464

Output in PLOS ONE dropped by 6000+ papers in 2016, calling into question the sustainability of PLOS' business model. Continue reading

Communicating Science: What Can We Do Better?

The Scholarly Kitchen - December 20, 2016 1588

In the wake of public questions about trust in science, Angela Cochran had a conversation with Dr. Jamie L. Vernon about the challenges of communicating science to the public and how the SciComm community could do better. Continue reading

What We Tell Society Publishers About Open Access

The Scholarly Kitchen - December 13, 2016 1203

We are often called upon to discuss open access to society publishers. This is what we tell them. Continue reading

CiteScore–Flawed But Still A Game Changer

The Scholarly Kitchen - December 12, 2016 1148

The real innovation of CiteScore is not another performance metric, but a new marketing model focused on editors. Continue reading

Let’s Make the Facts Louder than the Opinions

The Scholarly Kitchen - December 09, 2016 983

A public service message from the Weather Channel. Continue reading

Are Journals Lacking for Reviewers?

The Scholarly Kitchen - December 06, 2016 818

There is sufficient supply of reviewers to meet demand, a new paper suggests. It's just not evenly distributed. Continue reading

Monographs, Transparency and Open Access

The Scholarly Kitchen - December 05, 2016 763

How can we better communicate to readers the degree of access being made available in the context of open access monographs? Continue reading

American Versus British Spellings

The Scholarly Kitchen - December 02, 2016 598

A short video on how the US and the UK came to spell the same words differently. Continue reading