The Key to Creativity and Innovation is Empathy

Brian Solis - February 06, 2017 6697

Growing up in Los Angeles and living in Silicon Valley for 20-plus years has plugged me into a unique network of creativity and innovation. Although many would say that I technically live in a bubble, I have practiced the art of participation and observation to earn a balanced perspective when it comes to ideation and design. While I am surrounded by some of the most amazing  minds, I am also inspired by those shaping innovation hubs. If it’s one thing I’ve learned,...

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What Makes You a Thought Leader?

Brian Solis - February 13, 2017 6123

That was the question I was recently asked by my friend Vivienne Neale. I wasn’t sure how to reply. After all, we all have our “thought leaders” whom we follow. Me, I always wanted to be part of a community where doing meaningful things made belonging matter. Honestly, I don’t consider myself a thought leader. I simply shared my ideas and work because I felt alone in my mission to change the future of business. I’ve always believed I couldn’t do...

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Managing cultural complexity, 3 options courtesy of Tom Friedman, Chance the Rapper, and Maggie Siff

CultureBy - Grant McCracken - February 17, 2017 4544

(Originally published Feb. 16 on Medium) Tom Friedman was interviewed by Al Hunt on Charlie Rose Tuesday night. He was pitching his new book: Thank you for being late: An optimist’s guide to thriving in the age of accelerations. And he offered, as he always does, a modular understanding of the world. There are, Friedman … Continue reading Managing cultural complexity, 3 options courtesy of Tom Friedman, Chance the Rapper, and Maggie Siff

Digital Darwinism: Evolve with Your Customers or Regress Toward Irrelevance

Brian Solis - February 02, 2017 3415

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at Unite host by Satmetrix in New Orleans. Customer experience, IT and management executives from around the world met in the “Big Easy” to learn from one another, share experiences and envision a new future for customer engagement. Prior to the event, I met with the Satmetrix team to discuss my presentation so that we could share the message for those that could not be there live. The conversation was summarized over at...

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What is Influence 2.0 and why is it important in the future of CX?

Brian Solis - January 30, 2017 2662

Before social media, before modern digital marketing and before DCX and digital transformation, I spent much of the late 90s and early 2000s studying and experimenting with online influence. In February of 1999, I opened a lab to test and learn and in the process, was one of the many contributors to shape the future of digital marketing and customer engagement. Shortly after joining Altimeter Group in 2012, I shared all of the research I had collected and more and published...

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Announcing FCJ Issue 28 : Creative Robotics

The Fibreculture Journal - January 27, 2017 1146

We are pleased to announce the launch of Issue number 28 of the Fibreculture Journal : Creative Robotics edited by Petra Gemeinboeck, Elena Knox, Jill Bennett and Andrew Murphie. This issue includes; An introduction by Petra Geimeinboeck – FCJ-203 Creative Robotics : Rethinking Human Machine Configurations FCJ-204: Degrees of Freedom by Elena Knox. FCJ-205 Life...