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'Reliability is all for Wikipedia, which is why the Daily Mail was banned'

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - February 12, 2017 1801

Katherine Maher, head of the Wikipedia Foundation, discusses the platform’s role and questions around accuracy

News that a few dozen Wikipedia editors had decided that the Daily Mail should be “generally prohibited” from being used as a source caused consternation among many in the media. That’s not least because the anarchic way in which policy is set at the “world’s public library” is a million miles away from what most of the journalists and academics referenced by the site are used to. should do more to protect users’ details | Letters

The Guardian (Technology & Internet) - February 13, 2017 1342

MPs are not the only ones concerned about information being published that can identify where they live (MPs say watchdog risks identifying addresses, 11 February). Many people across the UK have been using the useful community messaging site, Streetlife. Now, with very little warning, users are being told they need to transfer to the US community messaging site Nextdoor.