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IBPA 2016: Focus on the positive

Net Family News - November 10, 2016 1290

It’s fitting that the last day of a bullying prevention conference focusing on empathy, kindness and resilience happened to be Election Day 2016. Whether or not they were thinking about it, some 750 educators, students, researchers and practitioners together, capped off possibly the most divisive, indecent, relationally challenged presidential election season in our history by […]

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Insights from under 18 Net users in 4 countries: Research

Net Family News - November 03, 2016 873

Young people worldwide are beginning to see the Internet “as a human right, a necessity.” That’s from Global Kids Online, a research project and network now encompassing 33 countries (and counting). It just released findings from South Africa, the Philippines, Serbia and Argentina, summarized here. “My favorite apps are social media – Whatsapp and Facebook. […]

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About the AAP’s media guidelines for parents

Net Family News - October 24, 2016 305

The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its guidance on screen time for families by de-emphasizing the term “screen time.” The AAP’s focus is now more on the “how” of media use than the “how much.” “The key is mindful use of media within a family,” the AAP’s press release quoted Megan Moreno, MD, lead […]

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Why So Much Indecision?

My Island View - October 19, 2016 53

During the last year, or for as long as this election has been running, I have had a growing concern. I listen to interviews of voters in our democratic society and wonder how well we have prepared our citizens to actually make considered and responsible decisions. I realize that emotions may weigh heavily on decisions […]