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Gabe Newell discusses the downsides of working at Valve

Gamasutra - February 17, 2017 5646

"There are plenty of great developers for whom this is a terrible place to work," Newell said. "People at Valve have to get used to working without a safety net." ...

Three Phases of Leading District Change with Formative Instructional Practices

Northwest Evaluation Association - February 16, 2017 5102

Formative assessment is a timely topic. In education conversations today, we often hear about “balanced” or “coherent” assessment systems. Formative instructional practices (aka, formative assessment) play a... Continue Reading

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Video Game Deep Cuts: A Loom-ing Night In The Woods

Gamasutra - February 19, 2017 4983

This week's Video Game Deep Cuts include everything from A Night In The Woods' cartoon realism to a history of Loom, and much more. ...

Blog: Building a scalable online game with Azure, part 1

Gamasutra - February 17, 2017 4862

In this blog series, I'm walking you through the basics of getting your gaming backend up and running in the cloud and storing your player data in a scalable cloud storage. ...

Why there are 'no shortcuts' to making people care about your game's characters

Gamasutra - February 17, 2017 4861

Learn how you can put trust in your players to grow attached with your characters at this year's GDC. ...

Get a job: Skydance Interactive is hiring a 3D Artist

Gamasutra - February 17, 2017 4860

Skydance Interactive is looking for a talented 3D Artist to work on both character and environment pieces for the multiplayer FPS, PWND. ...

What can game devs do to revitalize the roleplaying game genre?

Gamasutra - February 17, 2017 4859

Roleplaying games have come a long way in the past decade alone, but some developers believe that the genre needs to keep innovating if it's to reach its full potential. ...

Don't Miss: Teaching players without using words

Gamasutra - February 17, 2017 4857

In this 2016 blog post, Ubisoft technical level designer Max Pears explores different methods of explaining game mechanics to players without writing explicit, wordy instructions into a game. ...