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This is a Time for New Leadership – Building Bridges Between People Who Think Differently

Brian Solis - January 16, 2017 12076

At the end or beginning of each year, smart folks ask other smart folks to contribute their thoughts about the year ahead. Then everyone promotes their participation and the host benefits from a landslide of new traffic and followers. I usually don’t participate. But my friend Tom Goodwin had a different take on the assemblage idea. He asked, “what’s the one thing you learned in 2016?” He had me at “learned.” The post is now live at Forbes but I wanted to...

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4 Keys to Designing New Customer Experiences

Brian Solis - January 06, 2017 9303

On a cold and rainy day in Minneapolis before year’s end, I joined my Prophet colleagues at Le Meridien Chambers where we hosted a breakfast of brand champions. It was the second time this year that I was invited to speak to some of the city’s (and the country’s) most prominent companies and this time I had even more new research and ideas to share. During the two hours that we were together, I presented findings from “The 6 Stages of Digital...

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Experiences are The Core Pillars of Any Brand. 

Brian Solis - January 11, 2017 8656

This is for my Danish friends and anyone who believes that the future of business lies in experience design. Via  Markedsføringdagen, I juni 2016 havde Dansk Markedsføring besøg af Brian Solis fra Altimeter ved markedsføringsdagen. Vi fik lejlighed til at tale både med ham og med deltagere, som havde fornøjelsen af at høre ham på dagen I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately in Copenhagen. To be honest, I already miss it. There are three recurring topics that...

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Sharing a Personal Story – A Rare Glimpse into What Inspires Me and How I Got Here

Brian Solis - January 09, 2017 8277

Believe it or not, I’m a private person. I know it seems ironic in a sense that with social media we become more connected. But I tend to not share personal information online. I do however, share my work freely with everyone in the hope of creating a community of betterment in business, government and society. There are rare occasions however when I do open up to share stories that go behind-the-scenes of my work if I feel it will help...

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Customer Experience Starts with Understanding Customer Experiences and Then Designing Them

Brian Solis - January 02, 2017 6634

The following discussion represents Part 2 of my conversation with Loyalty360 CEO and CMO Mark Johnson. In this last part of the series,  Change Starts with You Altimeter Group’s Principal Analyst Brian Solis is dedicated to creating change within brands and bringing customer experience into the spotlight. The first step, Solis told Loyalty360 in a recent discussion, is to define the CX problem and use that to guide solutions. More specifically, he challenged businesses to rethink what CX really means across the.